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  1. The Thrice Crowned King - A Trastámara TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter One - Birth

    Part One: Infante Chapter 1 - Birth 1485 “The birth of a son would have caused los reyes greater happiness, for a succession depending on an only son inspired no small fear, and the fecundity of their daughters boded difficulties for future relationships.” Palencia in 1485 Alacá de Henares –...
  2. AlfLandonFan

    WI: Henry I of Navarre's son doesn't fall off the castle at Estella, no French personal union

    I've been interested in Navarre's history for a while now (PS, if anyone has any book recommendations about Basque history feel free to tell me) looking for ways for them to survive for a lot longer, or even until modern day if that's possible. One way I've found is making it so Henry I's eldest...