joséphine de beauharnais

  1. TheDoofusUser

    Josephine dies in 1798, Who does Napoleon marry?

    On March 9th, 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte, at the time a General in the French Army and the future First Consul and Emperor of France, married Josephine de Beauharnais, who was key to elevating Napoleon in the right political circles and allowed him to gain some approval to command the AoI. The two...
  2. LadyPerfidia

    If Josephine and Napoleon had a son in 1797?

    If Napoleon and Josephine had a son early in their marriage, how would this affect the Bonaparte dynasty ruling France? Could this prolong the French empire and possibly prevent Napoleon from losing his throne? More importantly, who would Napoleon marry his son off to if such circumstances were...
  3. What if Napoleon had a son by Joséphine?

    Napoleon's first wife was a woman known to posterity as Joséphine Bonaparte or Joséphine de Beauharnais. When he had himself crowned Emperor of the French in 1804, she became his empress. However, because they never had children, Napoleon had their marriage annulled and married Marie Louise of...