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  1. dachi

    A lily is fine as well. (An Direct Capetian England Timeline Louise VIII Succeeded in becoming King Of England )
    Threadmarks: 9Th November 1226

    In a richly decorated room, a family mourned the death of their father. That itself was perhaps not uncommon, for every man died eventually. The men who was being mourned died young. But what was truly special about the room was its inhabitants. At first glance, it might have seemed like...
  2. Henderson

    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I - Henry II

    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline “You would have been king of the noble and emperor of the brave, lord, if you had lived longer, for you had gained the name Young King; you were indeed the guide and father of youth. And hauberks and swords, and beautiful buckram, helmets and gonfalons...
  3. TheDoofusUser

    WI : Philip II predececeases Louis VII and John succeeds Henry II

    In our timeline, King Philippe II Augustus f France was able to take Henry II's Angevin Empire on the Continent with helps from Henry's own sons Richard and John. However, in an alternate timeline, what would happen if Richard I also predeceased Henry II and Philippe II predeceased his father...
  4. A Plantagenet Empire

    What if Henry II of England died much earlier than OTL, between 1470 and 1474, either before or at the start of the first rebellion of his sons? Henry would become Henry III of England, while both Richard (who would marry Alys here) and Geoffrey would be able to rule their lands independently...
  5. Dual monarchy of England and France post-1220
    Threadmarks: Capetian England part 1

    In 1215, Prince Louis of France is invited by a large portion of English barons who have grown tired of King John's despotism and lack of regard for the Magna Carta. Eager to end the threat posed by his Plantagenet cousins and wanting to prove himself, Louis landed unopposed in England and was...
  6. Brita

    WI: Geoffrey II of Brittany survives Henry II and Richard I and Philip dies on Crusade?

    What if Geoffrey had not died in 1186 and gained Anjou as he wanted to, and if Philip had not survived his bout of fever in 1191? Here's a possible start: 1186 - Geoffrey allies with Philip against his father. Like the preceding ones, the rebellion isn’t a success and Philip is defeated...