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  1. The Reform Party: 20 Years of History
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    I have started a number of timelines on this site that either grew too expansive or too narrow in focus and I felt I had to abandon eventually. My longest run was about 18 chapters, so I decided to make this timeline nice and simple. There will be 20 chapters, one for every year from the...
  2. WI: John McCain Ran for President in 1996

    Let's say that the Republican Party's "Crown Prince", Senator from Kansas and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole announces he is not running for President in early January 1995, prompting Senator from Arizona John McCain to announce his own run for the Republican Party Presidential Primaries of...
  3. dw93

    The Towers Still Stand: An Alternate take on Early 21st Century America (A Collaborative TL)

    So after over two years of trying to continue my original timeline and struggling to do so for various reasons, I've decided to turn "The Towers Still Stand" into a collaborative TL for the sake of keeping a good piece of Alternate History alive. Anyone who is interested in contributing, please...
  4. dw93

    The Towers Still Stand: An Alternate take on early 21st Century America.
    Threadmarks: The Event that made for a Different 21st Century

    August 20th, 1998. The U.S. launches Strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan: On the morning of August 20th, 1998, President Bill Clinton ordered American Armed Forces to target Terrorist facilities in Afghanistan and Sudan because of the imminent threat they presented to national security. The...