joanna i of castile

  1. GameBawesome

    WI: Joanna the Mad dies of childbirth in 1500

    In 1500, in Ghent, Charles V was born, who would become Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Spain, controlling the largest domain, which included the newly conquered Americas. His father was Philip the Handsome, a German prince who married the Joanna I, daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and...
  2. Sevarics

    WI: Leanor of Austria and her daughter Maria of Viseu as the heirs of Juana I and Felipe

    Basically as the tin says, what if Leanor’s brothers, Charles and Ferdinand, predecease Leanor without issue? IOTL she was wed to the King of Portugal, having Maria of Viseu as issue, and the King of France. Assuming she still wed the King of Portugal and only had Maria of Viseu as an heir, who...
  3. If Joanna of Castile was unmarried went she became her parents' heir who would she marry?

    What it says on the tin. Let's say, Prince John dies in 1495. Joanna is now the heir. Who do you think she would marry?
  4. A Trastámara Spain

    What if Catalina of Aragon died in 1502 (instead of her husband Arthur) and the death of another child was a too hard blow for her mother Isabella who would die shortly after and before Juana and Philip’s arrival in Castile (as their journey would be delayed by Juana becoming again pregnant...
  5. Juana, the Heretic Queen

    What would happen if Catherine of Aragon died in 1501, while Arthur Tudor survived and later remarried? And if the death of another child was too much for Queen Isabella of Castile, who soon followed her youngest daughter in the grave, without putting any check over Juana’s powers in Castile...
  6. RedKing

    What if Joanna I dies in 1506 instead of Philip?

    So we all know about Juana la loca, the middle child of Queen Isabell and King Ferdinand and her husband Philip and how Philip died in 1506 while Joanna lived and was effectively robbed of her crown. So what if it was Joanna who died in 1506 instead of Philip? Would Philip just go home, since he...