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  1. A Sunny Day in Dallas
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    23rd November 1963: A nursing home in Fitchville, Ohio burns down, taking the lives of 63 patients. 29th November 1963: Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 831 crashes near Montreal, killing all 118 passengers. 30th November 1963: The Liberal-National coalition in Australia led by Robert Menzies wins...
  2. WI : JFK Dies Of Natural Causes Before Or After 1963 (If Not Assassinated) ?

    Kennedy had plently of health problems, so I was wondering what could kill him before or after 1963. Any thoughts?
  3. Bull_Moose

    Camelot Endures: An Alternative Look at the 1960s and Beyond
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    Introduction Hey everyone! I’m a big fan of this site and have been a long-time observer. I’ve wanted to do a timeline for quite some time. I’ve finally decided to take a crack at it and hope for the best! Before I begin, a little about me. I am a third-year university student and long-time...
  4. Aisha Clan-Clan

    What if: Kennedy resignation for health reasons instead of assasination in 1963?

    So, let's say that JFK's addison's disease proceeds a bit faster, he's rather ill so on 11/22/1963 instead of being in Dallas, he's in Washington DC to announce his resignation from the Presidency in favor of elevating Johnson after publicly admitting to his health problems, even apologizing for...
  5. Anarcho-Occultist

    History is a Matter of Inches: An Alternate 1960's and Beyond
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    Part 1 “We must act to liquidate the communist scourge that threatens us from all over—from the Soviet Union in Europe, from just across the sea in Cuba and from within at the hands of communist agitators who, under the guise of civil rights, seek to upend the southern way of life and elevate...
  6. Vidal

    Impeaching a President

  7. WI: JFK Escapes Assassination, But Dies of Natural Causes in 1966

    POD: Lee Harvey Oswald is denied a job at the Dallas Book Depository Building, depriving him of the vantage point that allowed him to kill President Kennedy. JFK works with both parties to pass the Civil Rights Act in the summer of 1964 (despite popular myth, the Act had enough overwhelming...
  8. DBWI: Kennedy assassination successful

    We all now of Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who injured Kennedy and killed his wife. But what would of happened had the assassination been succesfull? How would history have changed?
  9. Hulkster'01

    WI: Both Kennedy and Oswald lived?

    what if both assassination attempts on their lives had failed? Would Oswald eventually confess to it all? What would be the theories now that Oswald is living and had failed once again to kill someone important? What is sentence after his trial? How does this affect the 1960’s with JFK living...
  10. Hulkster'01

    JFK conspiracy theories if he survived?

    what would be the conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination if he had lived? Would they even exist? If so what would be some of the theories in this alternate reality?
  11. The_Russian

    What if JFK and LBJ's fates were reversed.

    I don't know if this has been done before, but I'm wondering. What if LBJ won the democratic nomination, chose JFK as his VP, beat Nixon, and died in 1963 at Dallas. What might have changed. Would the Vietnam war still happen or be as bad as OTL. Who would be president in 1969, etc.
  12. What if JFK served a third term?

    On March 21, 1947. Congress voted against a proposal to mend the American constitution and prevented presidential term limits from ever existing, the reason for the failure of the amendment was thanks to a speech giving by southern democrat James L Wilson "FDR did what no other president did...
  13. WI: When JFK is shot in 1963 he lives and suffers brain damage instead of dying?

    So in 1963 he is shot in the head but lives with brain damage. He then shows some signs of Broader line personality disorder and takes a harsher stance on the USSR as he can't quite shake the feeling the KGB tried to kill him. He also fires the head of the CIA and leading Secret Service agents...