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  1. The Imperial Netherlands

    What if Albert of Austria and Isabella Clara Eugenia had surviving children?
  2. The Gybson Boy

    The Spanish Armada is victorious: Whom did the children of James I/VI and Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain marry?

    This is a scenario I've been thinking about for a while: The Spanish Armada was victorious in 1588, the Armada came by surprise against the English fleet, sailing near Cornwall, with the help of a great storm, which seriously damaged some English ships before the battle. After the English fleet...
  3. WI: Philip II, Elisabeth of Valois, and Carlos of Asturias all die in 1568

    Philip and Carlos did not like one another, but suppose that despite that whole ordeal, Philip's health begins to deteriorate for unknown reasons, then completely fails him when Elisabeth dies during miscarriage. This leaves Isabel Clara Eugenia and Catalina Micaela as his surviving children...
  4. Empress Isabella Clara Eugenia and her world
    Threadmarks: Ernest and Isabella’s children

    As usual work-in-progress tree, I will add later some info about events Ernest I of Austria, Holy Roman Emperor (b.1553) married Isabella Clara Eugenia of Austria-Spain (b. 1566) in 1584 Maximilian III, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1585) married Magdalene of Bavaria (b. 1587) in 1603 Archduchess...