1. GameBawesome

    WI: Hideyoshi invades the Philippines?

    In OTL, Toyotomi Hideyoshi sent Japanese Armies to invaded Joseon Korea, to conquer Ming China in hopes of honoring his late Lord Oda Nobunaga's dream, and to cement the Toyotomi Clan's security (Or to get rid of a bunch of samurai, by having them invade Korea). The Imjin War was a disaster...
  2. What would a surviving Celtic Britain look like?

    Instead of just Wales (which is a direct survival of Celtic culture in Britain), the Brythonic culture that dominated the island from the Iron Age to the 600s, continues and the territory that we now call "England" retains its Celtic nature. This could happen in three ways 1 - No Anglo Saxon...
  3. Rajveer Naha

    South American Great War- A Soberania TL

    This is going to be my first attempt at creating a TL. Please forgive the mistakes that I may make. In this TL, Operation Soberania is launched earnestly by the Argentineans and a full blown war starts in South America which gradually leads to the involvement of every country on the continent...
  4. Jonathan Orozco

    Ragnarok: The Draka-Chinera War! Role-play Page!

    Welcome to my role play game page taking place in my crossover war between the Domination of Draka novels by author S.M. Stirling and the alien race known as the Chimera from the Resistance games developed by Insomniac Games. The role-play campains will take place between the beginning of my...
  5. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Alternate War Fronts

    Simply put, a series of alternate war theaters and battle that differ from OTL. Any war will do, but the WW@ ones especially capture my interest.
  6. WI. Nato invades the Soviet Union

    What if NATO invaded the Soviet Union and the other socialist nations at some point during the cold war? Im talking about an all out attack on the Warsaw Pact by NATO. Every Warsaw Pact war plan depicted a NATO attack, and the following defense and counter offensive. Though the soviets had a...
  7. Through The Black Door: A British Political TL

    Chapter One: It Begins "Even now, it was never clear why Heath chose to declare a three day week. There wasn't a shortage of coal, simply a shortage of communications and unwillingness to change. It was Heath's remark about the upcoming holiday and the comparison to the dark days of the war...
  8. What if Obama decide to invade ISIS occupied territories in 2014?

    Let's say that then-President Barack Obama, after seeing the mass slaughter of Yazidis and Iraqi Army members at the hands of ISIS, had a change of heart and somehow managed to convince Congress that putting active troops in the ground in Iraq was a good idea. How would the military situation...
  9. No Italian wars

    What if the king of France Charles VIII had never invaded itaIy in 1494, kick-starting the Italian wars? His plan was to take southern Italy and use it to start a crusade against the ottomans, but how would the history of Europe change without this series of wars during the 16th century? And...
  10. Gukpard

    Any good Western Roman empire scenarios?

    The title says all, I'm interested on any scenario showing a late WRE survival scenario.
  11. Teriyaki

    Discuss: China Invasion of the West Along The Silk Road

    So I just wanted to post a question. Would it have been possible for China to invade the West using the route of the Silk Road to spearhead an invasion effort? If so, which Emperor of China would have been the most likely to attempt this, what era would it have occurred in, and if it had been...
  12. Terranical

    Spain succeeds in invading Cambodia and annexed it

    Spain invaded Cambodia during the 1600s and tried to spread their faith through Cambodia and probably in the future that Buddhism would decrease while Christianity would increase in Cambodia (and Indochina) like the Philippines? Would a huge Cambodian Rebellion occur after annexation of...
  13. No Mongol invasion of Europe

    Is there a way to a avoid the mongol invasion of Europe but still have them invade the middle east?
  14. Chapman

    Later Operation Northwoods?

    As most probably know, IOTL the US Department of Defense proposed a series of false flag terrorist attacks in the US (plane hijackings, bombings, and other forms of violent terrorism) that they would claim were committed by the Cuban government, as a pretext to invade. However, the Kennedy...
  15. Chapman

    WI: The US invades Venezuela in 1977?

    For the purposes of a story i'm currently writing, I was hoping to get some insight on this. The essential idea is that, at the signing of the Torrijos–Carter Treaties in 1977, President Jimmy Carter is assassinated by hard-line Communist terrorists from Venezuela, Panama, and Cuba. In response...
  16. WI: The USSR cracked down on Solidarity

    What would happen if Brezhnev decided to repeat 1968-Czechoslovakia in Poland through a large military invasion of the country? Say, in June to October 1981 or so.
  17. Zillamaster55

    Mongol invasion of Japan: What does it take?

    I am in the works of trying to make a post-Genpei War timeline that sees Japan stay unified (no Sengoku period). The main PoD being a successful Mongol invasion that turns Japan into a client state, and thus weakens the Daimyos. However, both invasions were tremendous failures, the first barely...
  18. Don Quijote

    Invasion of the Kuriles from Alaska

    I recently read The Thousand Mile War (highly recommended) and towards the end it mentions Allied plans to invade the Kuriles, with an earliest date of autumn 1943, but more likely the following year. The Americans had put a lot of effort into the construction of military bases and airfields in...
  19. Difference in the Philippines

    I know that a recent TL on this board asked what would have happened if Eisenhower and not MacArthur had been in charge of the Philippines when the Japanese invaded in 1941, but I would like to ask two questions based on some items Calbear mentioned in another forum. Let's assume that - for the...
  20. Zachariah

    What if Argentina had invaded the Falklands Islands during WW2?

    So then, what if Villanueva's plan to invade and conquer the Falklands/Malvinas had been approved by the Argentinian Naval War School and the Argentinian government, and the Argentinians had commenced their operation to invade and occupy the archipelago within the next couple of months, shortly...