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  1. Can Japan hold Manchuria without Sino-Japanese War?

    Suppose that Japan stopped short in Manchuria. Marco Polo Bridge Incident or the equivalent never happened, Japan become less expansionist (might be due to oil discovery in Manchuria). Eventually Chiang will finish his business with the communist and would be pressured to deal with Japan. In...
  2. KuboCaskett

    PC/WI: Allied Democratic Japan vs. Axis China in WWII?

    I know there was a similar thread about this ( but still worth discussing. So what would it take for a post-1900 POD to have an Imperial Japan that retains its Taisho Democracy (though with ironically...
  3. What Goes Up Must Come Down: A Third Reich Cold War TL
    Threadmarks: Facing the Music

    June 10, 1990 Prachtallee, Welthauptstadt Germania, German Reich 30 year old Ernst Gellman was a man of two minds: one seeking to serve the Reich, the other seeking its end. His teacher, his Hitler Youth commander, his parents, his training adviser, all told him that if he fought for the...
  4. Sam Biswas

    What would have happened if Japan had developed own nuclear bomb during or before WWII?

    In case if the Japanese don't know how to develop a nuclear bombs, let just presume Japanese hired foreign scientist. Possibly even the same scientists that Hitler persecute them in our timeline. Also in case if Japan doesn't have enough uranium to develop, let say China has loads of...
  5. Sam Biswas

    What if the Russian Empire won both the Great Game and the Russo-Japanese War?

    What if the Russian won the Great Game? Speaking of The Great Game, i recommend to watch this awesome documentary: ,
  6. AHC: Bloodiest WW2 possible

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is to have as much damage and casualties as possible in the second world war, bonus if it exceeds 100 million or more. POD is after the Japanese invasion of China in 1937
  7. Zachariah

    WI: Japanese-Soviet Alliance

    Might it be at all possible for the Soviet–Japanese Neutrality Pact to develop into an outright alliance between the Soviets and the Japanese, during WW2, with the Japanese breaking away from the Tripartite Pact and the Axis Powers to do so? And if it had, then how might this have affected the...
  8. Marklin

    The Only Thing to Fear Discussion Thread.

    Since the sequel is coming out in a month, I thought it would be proper to start a discussion thread on the book "The Only Thing to Fear," about an Axis Victory world. I have a good knowledge of the world explained in the books, So I would be willing to catch people up if they would like.
  9. Marklin

    WI: Russo/American-Japanese War.

    I know it sounds ASB, and it probably is, but what would an Imperial Japanese/East Asian/Pacific/Whatever you wanna call it version of Calbear's The Anglo/American-Nazi War TL look like?
  10. Crying

    Australian Quisling?

    Okay, so lets say we've got some kind of Axis-wank and Japan somehow manages to invade and conquer Australia. However, its not completely ASB and Japan is unable to directly rule Australia, so they instead make it a puppet state. Who would be a good 'Quisling' for this collaborator government...
  11. koa_dan

    Japanese Korea vs Japanese Philippines

    I read that Imperial Japan had the intention to buy the Philippines from Spain but was refused. Later, they took Korea to gain a foothold in the continent. Which colony would benefit them more in the long term? I believe they could only get one at first and spend a certain amount of time to...
  12. Zachariah

    American Sakhalin

    Even before the 1917 Revolt, the Russian government had tried to draw British capital into the development of the Sakhalin oil fields which had been discovered by then. Preference was given precisely to British rather than Japanese capital; after the Russo-Japanese war, the southern part of...
  13. Joshuapooleanox

    British Royal Navy vs Japanese Imperial Navy

    Ok, so I've been having discussions with my mates (Rule Britannia), so I decided to come here. Please be aware I am usually a Pre-1900 guy and thus don't have the best knowledge of WW2. Say, in 1939 (imagine Germany/Italy don't exist), the Japanese and Britain go to war, say over Hong Kong...
  14. WI: The Qing Dynasty survives until World War 1 and enters(with the central powers)?

    What if the Qing Dynasty survives a couple more years and postpones its collapse just long enough to enter World War 1? The Qing Dynasty enters the war on the side of the central powers to get revenge on Japan for the First Sino-Japanese War, as well as Britain for the unequal treaties in the...
  15. Soviet further West than OTL after WWII; what about Asia?

    Let's suppose Stalin manages to go further West than OTL (maybe the Rhine, Austria and bits of Jutland); how would the supplementary territory taken in Europe influe on the war in Asia? Would Japan surrender sooner, fearing to be invaded by the Soviet Union? Would Mao win sooner? Or will the...
  16. CountofDooku


    French Council Republic or the French Soviet Republic: It all started with the French legislative elections to elect the 16th legislature of the French Third Republic in 26 April and 3 May 1936. Thanks to the collapse of the government in Spain in March and the attack of the Nationalist to...
  17. Alcsentre Calanice

    Did the Japanese government think they could winn WWII?

    As far as I know Japanese history from what I read on, Japan's main goal was to conquer China. For this they needed some ressources, like for example oil, but the US government wasn't willing to provide Japan with oil, so the Japanese decided to conquer British and Dutch South East Asia...
  18. Would the Japanese have invaded the Philippines if they already acquired the rest of their wargoals?

    Plausibility check for an alternate scenario in Shared Worlds. It has multiple POD's and diverges greatly, but I'll give a synopsis here. TL;DR: Japan conquers China, Korea, Manchuria, Indochina, and much of Indonesia by the end of 1945, while securing several years of peace with the British...
  19. WI:Roosevelt gets his invasion of Hainan and Indochina

    FDR was very supportive of an invasion of Hainan Island and Indochina as a way to create a secure route to supply the Chinese that didn't involve flying over Burma, despite the fact that all of the military leaders in the Pacific theater were against the plan. What if FDR gets what he wanted and...