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  1. An Explosion in Cape Town: Blue Water - Pink Land
    Threadmarks: Africa: 1900 - 1925

    An Explosion in Cape Town Blue Water - Pink Land - Daily Mail 8th January 1900 Boers blow Cape Town, kill Rhodes and 17 others The residents of Cape Town, Cape Colony, were disrupted in their activities by a loud bang and a blast of wind as an explosion rippled the city at around 11:30...
  2. Axis victory:Imperial federation

    Axis win WW2 Nazis conquer or puppetize Mainland Europe, Middle east, Central Asia, Africa and Japan puppetize China, Mongolia, Russian Far east due to US absolute neutrality i.e., no lend lease, no embargo. India,Oceania,French IndoChina and Dutch East Indies develop a siege mentality and join...
  3. Miss Construction

    Why the Chinese play cricket (an Imperial Federation timeline)
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    The Pax Imperialis (The Peace of the Emperor). Or why the Chinese play cricket (For my beloved daughter Kwaryn) This one of those "the sun never sets" British Empire timelines. However what comes out at the end will very definitely not be the British Empire. Neither is it the Indian Empire nor...
  4. Possible Constituent Nations of a Modern Imperial Federation

    I was recently doing some research on South Africa's withdrawal from the Commonwealth and abolition of the monarchy which rekindled my interest in the concept of an Imperial Federation. Therefore I was wondering that should a Imperial Federation exist today, what nations would it comprise of...
  5. Waltzing Brunhilda

    Britannia Rules the Stars-REDUX
    Threadmarks: Opening post

    Yeah the first version was shit so I'm making it a graphics TL sue me. With two major prior to the Stargate being found PODs and a couple of minor trends earlier. POD 1 POD2: Where the Stargate was found. POD
  6. PMs and Cabinets of an Imperial Federation

    Hi all, There are alternate lists of British PMs and Cabinets on this site, as well as Alternate US Presidents. But what about such people in the , oft imagined, Imperial Federation? So, lets assume we live in a world where the Imperial Federation had come about. What political leaders do you...
  7. Sarthak

    Imperial Federation before WW1.

    So from 1884, a proposal was presented in Westminster to form the Imperial Federation. Before WW1, this proposal gained a lot of support from the Dominions and even the brits themselves. So, in an alternate timeline, a vote is held in 1900 to form the Imperial Federation. The vote passes, just...
  8. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Britain Taxes Colonies Directly

    OTL, Britain's victory in the 7 year's war was incredibly expensive, and it was in massive debt. So where other colonial empires set new taxes for their colonies from europe, a top down thing, the british parliament wrote the governors of the North American Colonies and basically told them...
  9. Calcaterra

    A Federal World, or; The Global Situation

    In this exercise of imagination, there are many differences. The Germans still lost GWI, and the Beer Putsch Hall succeeded, bringing a more unstable Hitler into power. Instead of being embraced, he was seen as a madman, and after a frantic year in power, a coup installed Kaiser Wilhelm III...
  10. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: A Neo-Absolutist British Monarchy

    With a pod from the reign of King George III who was a very active monarch till around the 1890's British Empire how can the Crown retake power from Parliament and unofficially sideline the parliament into a rubber stamp like how the French Kings (Louis XIV) did it and Augustus sidelining the...
  11. koa_dan

    Napoleon's Age of Empires - World Building

    I'm no expert at map making, obviously my maps aren't something worth mentioning in term of sophistication. However, I'm rather attached to the first map I made after learning to use so I decided to build it in detail. I'm partly inspired by this thread by @TemporalRenegade which...
  12. koa_dan

    Title for the British Monarch in case of a successful Imperial Federation

    In OTL, the British Monarch was given the title of King-Emperor or Queen-Empress. Would this change if the British Empire was successfully organized into the Imperial Federation?
  13. Alternate History of Britain: Britain a 21st Century Superpower

    POD: The UK demures from entering The Great War in 1914, against the wishes of David Llyod George and Winston Churchill. However, a compromise is made where David Llyod George and Winston Churchill are tasked with building an Imperial Defence Force, as a deterrent against any possible attack...
  14. Bobbbcat2

    DBWI: No Imperial Federation?

    So as we all know the Imperial Federation is the dominant superpower of the current day, continuing the legacy of the British Empire. After several attempts to create a federal British Empire the Imperial Federation finally united in 1949. But what if the Imperial Federation was never created...
  15. Miss Construction

    Why the Chinese play cricket (The Pax Imperialis)
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    VERY BELATED EDIT At the risk of thread necromancy. This version of the TL has been abandoned. While I think it is not too bad, certainly nowhere near as bad as my first two attempts, it did have some some serious issues which could not be fixed without a total reboot. The latest iteration can...
  16. Miss Construction

    Chamberlain's Dream - From British Empire to Imperial Commonwealth (v2)
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    VERY BELATED EDIT At the risk of thread necromancy. This version of the TL has been abandoned. Personally I think this iteration is crap, not as b ad as the first, but still something I would not show to anyone myself. Things started improving with my next attempt, but that still has some...