1. Battle of the Coral Sea a total Japanese victory

    The Coral Sea 1942: The first carrier battle, Mark Stille. Let's say that on 6-7 May, CarDiv5 finds and launches a first strike against TF-17's two carriers. How would the reduction of the US Pacific Fleet's operational carrier strength by half impact naval operations throughout the rest of...
  2. Sargon

    AH Challenge: Washington Naval Conference Collapse

    What would it take for the talks to fail? We know the US made efforts to intercept and read the various participants' communications, in particular Japanese ones, so they had a good idea of what their red lines were. However, assuming for some reason in an ATL this wasn't so possible, or was...
  3. Sargon

    Yamaguchi doesn't go down with Hiryū and survives

    I did consider putting this in the ASB section given Yamaguchi's determination to go down with Hiryū, the fact there are two elements to this scenario, the second requires two changes which is pushing it. Anyway, if necessary we can ask it to be moved but it's not completely out of the realms of...
  4. An alternate history of Japanese carrier development.

    So, before I get to posting anything about alternative IJN carrier development, I need to check my facts on what actually was done, for right now, with one exception, here is an image I created to help get needed info in one place. As near as I could extract from the mess that is Wiki, this is...
  5. Kantai Kessen

    WI: Admiral Mineichi Koga doesn't fly into a typhoon in March 1944?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineichi_Koga Mineichi Koga succeeded the famed Isoroku Yamamoto as commander in chief of the IJN's Combined Fleet in April 1943 and held this post until March 31 1944, when he died in a truly disastrous manner. What might have the consequences of Koga not dying...
  6. How could Japan keep the Army and Navy under Control

    Pretty much the title. I've read a fair bit about how the Army and Navy in Imperial Japan circumvent the civilian government and act independently. That causes some issues for Japan both internally and externally so it seems like a pretty big issue that would have to be solved in order to have a...
  7. Kantai Kessen

    AHC/WI: the Type 93 Long Lance is never developed

    The Type 93 Long Lance torpedo is possibly one of the most famous Japanese naval weapons of WW2, and nobody can deny that it was a beast of a device. However, I think we can all agree that it had design flaws, and that for all the effort and hope pinned on it, it often underperformed. Your...
  8. Kantai Kessen

    AHC/WI: Proper IJN battleships deployed at Guadalcanal

    If people here have watched the latest Drachinifel Drydock (24/10/21), he says at 11:36 that he would have sent the Nagato and the Mutsu down Ironbottom Sound during the 1942 Guadalcanal campaign to bombard Cactus Air Field, instead of the Hiei and Kirishima as they did historically during the...
  9. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    What Are The Options Available For Both The Allies And Imperial Japan If ABDACOM Managed To Fend Off The Japanese?

    The purpose of this thread is not discussing how the American-British-Dutch-Australian Command managed to fend off against the invasion of the Southwest Pacific including but not limiting to the Dutch East Indies and the Philippines i.e. Bataan successfully holding out until, say, the fall of...
  10. Kantai Kessen

    AHC/WI: Akagi or Kaga?

    Imagine you are an ASB who is partial to the Imperial Japanese Navy, and you can choose one of the carriers of the IJN's 1st Carrier Division at the Battle of Midway to survive that unfortunate rendezvous with destiny. Alas, all three of her colleagues are going to die. Would you rather have...
  11. FernandoPerla

    Japanese invasion of Latin America (WWII)

    I've read there's a Japanese document found by the Allies of WWII, in which a plan for an invasion of Latin America is detailed; specifically, a perimeter around the Panama Canal comprising Central America, parts of Colombia, parts of Venezeula, Ecuador, and Peru. I think it's called Tanaka...
  12. Alternate Washington Naval Treaty with a WW1 German victory(?)

    Anyways, with a POD in spring of 1915, this is the alternate world in 1923, as a semi- to almost-realistic take on the popular Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Kaiserreich. The objective is to determine the outcome of this alternate Washington Naval Treaty.
  13. Kantai Kessen

    WI: no Indian Ocean Raid & earlier Operation MO?

    The POD of this Pacific War scenario is to do with this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_Salamaua%E2%80%93Lae In the midst of this: Around this time, the Indian Ocean Raid by the Kido Butai was being planned: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Ocean_raid My proposed chain of...
  14. WI Operation Ten-Go Successful?

    In April 1945 things were not going well for the Empire of Japan. The once formidable Imperial Japanese Navy had suffered an uninterrupted string of crushing defeats which had left the once mighty fleet a mere shadow of its former self with only a small handful of operational ships remaining as...
  15. Kantai Kessen

    AHC/WI: Stronger IJN light cruiser line

    The IJN's four-strong Mogami-class are probably the most blatant example of naval treaty violation in human history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mogami-class_cruiser Originally they were armed with fifteen 6.1-inch guns in five triple turrets, with a max RoF of 5 rounds a minute (the powder...
  16. Kantai Kessen

    WI: Japanese equivalent of SBD Dauntless?

    What it says on the tin. What if the Japanese had a SBD Dauntless-style dive/scout bomber instead of the D3A Val?
  17. Kantai Kessen

    WI: Shinano, Mutsu and an Unryu for Leyte Gulf

    Imagine that, in addition to the ships that VAdm Takeo Kurita possesses in the IJN's Centre Force at Leyte Gulf, he also has the Shinano, completed as a proper battleship instead of a crappy carrier, and the Mutsu, which doesn't blow up in 1943. This gives Centre Force the following capital...
  18. Kantai Kessen

    AHC/WI: Better IJN anti-submarine warfare in WW2

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to get the IJN's anti-submarine doctrine, ships, planes and other equipment into fighting shape for the Pacific War by December 1, 1941. You may use any POD after 1900; you must stay within historical resources used on the IJN. However, not...
  19. Kantai Kessen

    Who was the best IJN admiral of WW2?

    What it says on the tin. The IJN had some very fine commanders (Ozawa, Tanaka, Mikawa) and some idiots (Nishimura), as well as some people in the middle (Nagumo, Kurita, Kondo and possibly Yamaguchi). Who was the best at their job?
  20. Kantai Kessen

    WI: USS Washington alone at 2nd Guadalcanal?

    Imagine the following: USS South Dakota is more badly damaged at Santa Cruz Islands than in real life. Perhaps the torpedo that did in Porter hits her, or she gets struck by more bombs. This means that, when Vice Admiral Kondo and his force rock up to try and bombard Henderson Field again on...