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  1. Walking on the Silver Line: A Valois-Bourgogne TL

    It's time for the long awaited (hopefully) rewrite of my original TL, Kingdom-Building: A Valois-Bourgogne TL. The first chapter will be posted soon.
  2. Kingdom-Building: A Valois-Bourgogne TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Birth of Philip IV of Burgundy

    "Anne of Beaujeu, any good historian says she was the power behind the throne and the reason that the kingdom came to be, but we should not neglect the contributions of the three dukes who laid the foundations for the Burgundian Kingdom." -Josh Tucker (Side note: This man has a really good...
  3. Mary of Burgundy born male?

    I've thought about this for a while, but I have been preoccupied with other TL's to focus on it, but now I've found time to discuss this. What if Mary of Burgundy (Philip of Burgundy after his grandfather in this TL) was born a male instead of a girl? One thing that would obviously change is...
  4. eliamartin65

    Snapshots from Other Worlds
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Inspired by @isabella's Scenes from Other Worlds thread, this will be a repository for family trees and snippets from possible TLs. The ideas presented here may or may not be expanded into full TLs. Enjoy.
  5. eliamartin65

    Emma, Duchess of Brabant - An Austro-Burgundian TL
    Threadmarks: Rules

    Inspired by my current Burgundian Empress TL, I have decided to make that scenario a collaborative TL between myself, @RedKing, @Prince of Permsia, @Reyne and @EdwardRex. We won't be accepting new players. Now, onto the rules for this little game: The starting date is March 1452. Each post...