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  1. The Thrice Crowned King - A Trastámara TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter One - Birth

    Part One: Infante Chapter 1 - Birth 1485 “The birth of a son would have caused los reyes greater happiness, for a succession depending on an only son inspired no small fear, and the fecundity of their daughters boded difficulties for future relationships.” Palencia in 1485 Alacá de Henares –...
  2. Zestinobambino

    The Burgundy-Naples Alliance

    Mary the Rich (1457 - 1482) was probably the wealthiest heiress of her time. As the only child of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, Mary was the heir to the Duchy of Burgundy and all the lands that her father and grandfather had acquired, including most of the Netherlands. Naturally, that...
  3. mickeymouse

    WI: The assassination attempt against Ferdinand II of Aragon had succeeded?

    On December 7, 1492, King Ferdinand II of Aragon was departing from the Plaça del Rei in Barcelona when a man named Juan de Cañamares (or, Joan de Canyamars) armed with a short sword took the chance to stab him, leaving a long wound that went from his ear to his neck (as a chronicler of the time...
  4. kaiidth

    Margaret of Austria and Juana of Aragon, a story of two sisters-in-law
    Threadmarks: 1. Late 1496 till early 1498.

    Juana In August 1496 the second daughter of Isabella of Castille and Ferdinando of Aragon, Infanta Juana left from her homelands via the Port of Laredo in northern Castile on the Atlantic side of Spain. Infanta Juana began her journey to Flanders in the Low Countries on 22 August 1496 and she...
  5. DBWI: Fernando of Castile prevails over James III of Aragon in the Compromise of Caspe?

    As we all know, James II, count of Urgell succeeded to the throne of Aragon as King James III after the death of his cousin Martin. Although it looked like a close run thing for a moment (due to parliamentary debate over which claimant had the best claim) James ended up winning the most votes by...
  6. kaiidth

    Catalina of Aragon becomes 3rd wife of Manuel of Portugal

    We all know that Manuel I of Portugal was married first from 1497 till her death 1498 to Isabella of Aragorn with whom he had the longed for heir Miguel da Paz, born 1498, died 1500 . Manuel then married in the Year 1500 Maria of Aragon , Isabella’s younger sister and she had a bunch of kids...
  7. RedKing

    A Reversal of Fates: A Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue - A Reversal of Fates

    A Reversal of Fates: A Timeline Late October 1497 was a busy time for Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain. Their only son and heir, John had recently married the Austrian Archduchess Margaret, who in the few months since their marriage was already pregnant with their first child. Isabella and...