1. The Young Explorer

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path
  2. AHC: Hollywood in Britain

    With any PoD after 1900, have the TTL equivalent of Hollywood (that is, the center of the English language film industry) be located in the United Kingdom.
  3. Rebel With an Effect: An Alternate 1950s and Beyond (Collaborative TL)

    Near Cholame, California September 30, 1955 Inside his black and white Ford Tudor, Donald Turnupseed leaned his head back and let out a sigh of relief. Whoo, he thought. That could've been ugly. They say any accident you can walk away from is a good one. Of course, that's in relative terms...
  4. Famous authors that could have lived a longer

    Authors, directors and artists in general have the habit of dying too early, sometimes even before being acknowledged as talented people. Which great authors could have lived longer and how would their careers evolve as the world changes around them
  5. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: Mainstream 'grindhouse' movies

    For those who don't know or too young to remember, exploitation films were films that attempted to churn a profit by using sensationalist, titillating content or riding on current trends. These films tended to be low-quality B-movies, suffering from terrible print quality and considered...
  6. interpoltomo

    WI: Hays Code without Joseph Breen

    Joseph Breen ends up becoming a priest, instead of ending up involved as first a reporter, then in time Hollywood's chief censor. What's different during the code era without his involvement? Also what's different afterwards once it gets ended either formally or being "amended" enough times to...
  7. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)
    Threadmarks: Part I; Brillstein I: the POD

    A Hippie in the House of Mouse The Incredible Story of Jim Henson’s Amazing Tenure at the Walt Disney Company Image courtesy of @Nerdman3000 Part I: Froggy Went a’ Courtin’ Chapter 8, Frog Eats Mouse? Excerpt from Where Did I Go Right? (or: You’re No One in Hollywood Unless Someone Wants...
  8. Mr_ Bondoc

    F*** The Stutz-Bearcat: An Alternate TL of Film

    The Hays Code was a set of rules that enforced censorship on the American cinema in response to the increase of public complaints about the lewd content of movies and the scandalous behavior of Hollywood movie stars. The increasingly liberal content of Hollywood films, and the scandals...
  9. WotanArgead

    Pop Culture WI: Paramount win - Studio System never ended?

    In 1948, during the United States Supreme Court case United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc, the court ruled that block booking was unconstitutional. This decision has forever changed the American film industry. But what if Paramount Pictures could win? Was this victory possible? And if so...
  10. WI No Tate Murders

    Just saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; checker, find this board hasn’t really asked anything like this in a decade. So - what if Sharon Tate, her unborn child, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and Steve Parent had a (more or less) uneventful evening the night of August 8, 1969...
  11. S. Marlowski

    DBWI: More Empathize of the American Media on the European Theater instead of the Pacific.

    As we all know, there are plenty of films about the Pacific War made by Hollywood, whereas the American impact on the European and North African Fronts are not a very popular subject of Hollywood Films, as well as other media such as documentaries and video games. The question is, what if...
  12. THeaven

    Star Trek prequel in 1991

    In 1989 Star Trek V the final Frontier bombs so bad at the box office that it becomes the final film with the original cast. Because of the success of Star Trek the next generation it is decided by Paramount not to give up on the franchise but to make a prequel set during Kirk's academy days to...
  13. THeaven

    Steven Spielberg directs 007

    After Close encounters of the third kind Spielberg went to Albert Broccoli about making a James Bond film but overpriced himself from the chance which telling his story to George Lucas, George pitched his idea for Raiders of the lost Ark giving us Indiana Jones. But what if the failures of...
  14. markedward

    Sam Westwood's Hollywood
    Threadmarks: Beginnings

    Sam Westwood's Hollywood A Timeline by markedward (Based on my prior timeline It Girls, Boys Next Door, Scream Queens, and Dorothy) From the documentary film Sam Westwood's Hollywood (2016) Disclaimer From the time he made his screen debut in the mid-1960's until 1983, there was an actor who...
  15. The Dead Goering Wore Yellow Garters - A Hollywood Land Adventure
    Threadmarks: Cover

  16. What if Hollywood dies by the late 1970's?

    What would happen if Hollywood dies by the late 1970's? What would entertainment be like if that happened?
  17. WI Kim Basinger died in 1985?

    What would happened if Kim Basinger was killed in a car accident in late 1985? What would Hollywood be like if that happened?
  18. DakotaTimeTraveler

    WI Mr Bug Goes To Town Succeeded?

    On December 5, 1941, Fleischer Studios released through Paramount their second animated film "Mr. Bug Goes To Town". The film was a major box office bomb, receiving little promotion from Paramount and also opening two days before Pearl Harbor and America's entry into WW2. This had some...
  19. The Goering Slaying - A Hollywood Land Adventure
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    Chapter I: Saturday, September 23, 1939 started off with a bang for me. As the clock struck midnight, I was in LA, at Ciro's, seated between a pair of out of work actresses and a guy who could blow himself, watching "Big Willy" Goering do a stand-up routine. Big Willy was a true Renaissance...
  20. The Red Menace

    AHC: Barack Obama — Hollywood Celebrity

    I`ve been reading a Vox article titled “Barack Obama was the perfect pop culture president” which described how he the man “boasts the chameleon-like ability to make himself seem like a natural fit for wherever he ends up” and how towards the end of his presidency he seemed “more at home amid...