1. Jay_Maxu

    Ease on Down the Road: A Motown-MGM Timeline
    Threadmarks: Side A: The Two Lions - Track A1, Encountering the Backlots

    Berry Gordy Jr. and Suzanne de Passe. ("classic.motown.com" and "facebook.com") … How the start of Motown’s next, bold era is often simplified. Often, it’s simply put as [Berry] Gordy having always had his idea and simply done it. As it usually is, however, the truth is far more complicated...

    The Star Wars Story: how George Lucas and Steven Spielberg held Hollywood hostage for 20 years

    A short introduction before we get started: My name is Vee, and my first attempt at a timeline was an adject failure by virtually all standards. I entered into it with little preparation and quickly felt overwhelmed and abandoned it, but I never stopped thinking about what it could have been...
  3. What if the Hays Code as we know it never came to be?

    There was a surprising amount of creative freedom in late 1920s and early 1930s Hollywood. While the content itself is mostly rather tame by today's standards, it can still be surprising to see Golden Age movies with that sort of thing. To give a few examples, Little Caesar is about a gangster...
  4. Otakuninja2006

    TL-2K23: The Official Thread
    Threadmarks: Welcome to TL-2K23!

    ............ Greetings. Welcome to my first timeline of two-thousand and twenty-three...... The theme and focus of this TL should be obvious given the title and tags. Now, without further ado. I introduce you to my newest TL: TL-2K23! So, how about we get started on this adventure...
  5. Rwby

    Rwby is 2005 live action show created by George Lucas
  6. TheKennedyMachine.

    The Mouse Who Sold The World (Walt Disney Lives)
    Threadmarks: Introduction; The Greatest Showman

    The Mouse Who Sold The World The Incredible Story of Walt Disney, America's Showman __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part I: America's...
  7. Save a box office bomb by changing the world instead of the film

    A lot of AHC around box office bombs focus on how changes to the film or its production could have saved it, lets do something different. Instead we will keep the film as it is and change the world around it. Lets start off with an example 1980's Can't Stop the Music. The late 1970/80's...
  8. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)
    Threadmarks: When you Wish Upon a Frog

    When you Wish Upon a Frog Book II of Jim Henson’s Amazing Tenure at the Walt Disney Company Image Source legolas310.deviantart.com HI-ho and welcome once again to the continuing stoooory of a Hippie who went to the Magic Kingdom. This is the continuation of the Jim Henson at Disney saga...
  9. What If: A Film Rating System Before the Hays Code

    This idea came up to me after my last post on this thread of mine. I figured then if I couldn't get rid of age ratings, then I can at the very least create one that is actually noble in it's cause; hence the AFRC. The American Film Rating Council is founded by Charles Capil in 1915. Unlike most...
  10. GameBawesome

    Alternate Locations for “Hollywood”

    I can say without a doubt, that Hollywood is one of the most iconic places in US Entertainment History. It produces every film from the US, and is the most popular places in the US. It was founded in the beginning of 20th Century, and was chosen for its great location and the early oil boom in...
  11. The British President

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path
  12. AHC: Hollywood in Britain

    With any PoD after 1900, have the TTL equivalent of Hollywood (that is, the center of the English language film industry) be located in the United Kingdom.
  13. Rebel With an Effect: An Alternate 1950s and Beyond (Collaborative TL)

    Near Cholame, California September 30, 1955 Inside his black and white Ford Tudor, Donald Turnupseed leaned his head back and let out a sigh of relief. Whoo, he thought. That could've been ugly. They say any accident you can walk away from is a good one. Of course, that's in relative terms...
  14. Famous authors that could have lived a longer

    Authors, directors and artists in general have the habit of dying too early, sometimes even before being acknowledged as talented people. Which great authors could have lived longer and how would their careers evolve as the world changes around them
  15. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: Mainstream 'grindhouse' movies

    For those who don't know or too young to remember, exploitation films were films that attempted to churn a profit by using sensationalist, titillating content or riding on current trends. These films tended to be low-quality B-movies, suffering from terrible print quality and considered...
  16. Aisha Clan-Clan

    WI: Hays Code without Joseph Breen

    Joseph Breen ends up becoming a priest, instead of ending up involved as first a reporter, then in time Hollywood's chief censor. What's different during the code era without his involvement? Also what's different afterwards once it gets ended either formally or being "amended" enough times to...
  17. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)
    Threadmarks: Part I; Brillstein I: the POD

    A Hippie in the House of Mouse The Incredible Story of Jim Henson’s Amazing Tenure at the Walt Disney Company Image courtesy of @Nerdman3000 Part I: Froggy Went a’ Courtin’ Chapter 8, Frog Eats Mouse? Excerpt from Where Did I Go Right? (or: You’re No One in Hollywood Unless Someone Wants...
  18. Mr_ Bondoc

    F*** The Stutz-Bearcat: An Alternate TL of Film

    The Hays Code was a set of rules that enforced censorship on the American cinema in response to the increase of public complaints about the lewd content of movies and the scandalous behavior of Hollywood movie stars. The increasingly liberal content of Hollywood films, and the scandals...
  19. WotanArgead

    Pop Culture WI: Paramount win - Studio System never ended?

    In 1948, during the United States Supreme Court case United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc, the court ruled that block booking was unconstitutional. This decision has forever changed the American film industry. But what if Paramount Pictures could win? Was this victory possible? And if so...
  20. WI No Tate Murders

    Just saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; checker, find this board hasn’t really asked anything like this in a decade. So - what if Sharon Tate, her unborn child, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and Steve Parent had a (more or less) uneventful evening the night of August 8, 1969...