hispanic texas

  1. AstroRangerBeans

    Vanguards in the Islands of Liberty and Paradise - The Republic of Escadia
    Threadmarks: World Map as of 2020 A.D.

    Though after my project time that wasting too much for the new worldbuilding TL, I decided to create this worldbuilding TL dedicated to wikiboxes, maps, graphics, or whatever if it depends. After I intentionally declare that the worldbuilding TL, The True Divided Nation which sets in 2019 in a...
  2. Onerom

    Nobody Expects: The Spanish Revolution
    Threadmarks: Opening Post and World Map

    Nobody Expects For some time I've been following (and, of course, enjoying) some of the great graphic timelines of this forum: Kanan's Our Fair Country, LeinadB93's Hail, Britannia, KaiserEmu's Of Droughts and Flooding Rains and Planita13's A Shining Valley; and I have felt the impulse to try...