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  1. Salma Amer

    The death of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, and Anne Boleyn because of Sickness outbreak of June 1528? What kind of butterflies could that have?

    The death of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, and Anne Boleyn because of Sweating Sickness outbreak of June 1528? What kind of butterflies could that have
  2. The Gybson Boy

    Queen Mary's six husbands: Henry VIII dies in 1516, how could Mary Tudor end up having six husbands?
    Threadmarks: The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen

    The Young Queen Mary in her younger years "Queen Mary Tudor was born on February 18, 1516, at the Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, her birth was seen with some disappointment by her father, King Henry VIII, who had long hoped for a son to guarantee the continuity of the Tudor dynasty, the The...
  3. The Gybson Boy

    The Rise of the Boleyn Dynasty: Consequences of the marriage and reign of Mary Tudor and George Boleyn?
    Threadmarks: Mary and George

    Their Majesties Queen Mary and King Jure Uxoris George in 1533 August 1528: Jane Boleyn succumbs to the sweating sickness, leaving her husband George Boleyn a widower August 1529: Thomas Boleyn, faced with the possibility of his daughter becoming Queen, decides that he wants to ensure that...
  4. RedKing

    WI: Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon switch death dates?

    As the title says, Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon switch dates, i.e. Henry VIII dies on January 7th 1536 while Katherine lives on until January 28th 1547. For Henry VIII this is quite simple. In January 1536 of otl he had a jousting accident that left him unconscious and many feared he would...
  5. DrakeRlugia

    Anno Obumbratio: A 16th Century Alternate History
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1. Tragedy at Thérouanne

    I can't even remember the last time I've posted here. To be honest, I lost interest in writing and alt. history for quite some time, but over the last year I've gotten back into it. I've slowly been starting to write again... I've had quite a few ideas, but nothing has really kept my interest up...
  6. WI: Henry VIII dies in 1503

    In OTL Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon got sick not too long after their wedding in 1502. While Catherine recovered, Arthur died in that same year. But What if Henry, Duke of York (OTL Henry VIII) also caught the unspecified Illness and died in 1503? 1. This leaves Margaret...
  7. Henry VIII dies on Christmas 1536

    24 January 1536: King Henry VIII avoids injury at the Greenwich Palace Tournament. Anne is still executed after her miscarriage, and the Second Succession Act declares both Mary and Elizabeth illegitimate bastards. Christmas 1536: Henry, in a bout of frustration and despair after Jane Seymour's...
  8. ordinarylittleme

    The Young King and the Queen Mother

    As stated in this thread, I had intended to write a timeline where Henry VIII and his firstborn son switch death dates (Henry VIII dies in 1511, the Duke of Cornwall dies in 1547). And thus, Katherine of Aragon gets a much happier life and England stays Catholic. Yes, I realize another user has...
  9. Jonathan

    Fate and death, gives with one hand but takes away with the other!

    What are you doing? Well, hello to you too. I am starting a timeline that I will try and work on as much as possible. Why are you doing it? I tried making it into a simple Family Tree on List of Alternative Monarchs and Aristocratic Linerages, but it was becoming over grown and the footnotes...
  10. RedKing

    WI: Henry VIII died at the Battle of the Spurs?

    In OTL the Battle of the Spurs was a relatively minor battle between English and French forces, though became a major English propaganda piece. But what if Henry VIII died at the battle. Let’s say he falls from his horse. Now what? Obviously England is in crisis now, since they are now in a...
  11. kaiidth

    Henry Fitzroy might become King (Tudor's unlucky Year 1528)

    In the spring of 1528, King Henry's only legitimate child Mary had a bout of smallpox which she did not survive. Anne goes into quarantine at Hever in June 1528 when one of her ladies is taken ill with sweating sickness. Anne becomes ill and does not survive. Henry knows that he has to look...
  12. RedKing

    What if Henry VII and others died Richmond Palace fire of 1497?

    So for those who do not know, Richmond Palace got fire in 1497, when nearly all of the Tudor family was there, (Only Arthur wasn't present). Thankfully the family escaped. But what if the fire had been worse or the Tudors present hadn't been as lucky? Let's say Henry VII, Elizabeth of York...
  13. GauchoBadger

    WI: Henry VIII dies in 1524

    What if Henry VIII Tudor, king of England, had died in the one jousting accident that nearly killed him in march 1524, prior to breaking church relations with Rome and without leaving a surviving heir besides Mary? Would Mary be able to smoothly wriggle her way into the throne? Who would contest...
  14. The Pilgrimage of Grace

    What if The Pilgrimage of Grace had been more successful? By which I mean, actually achieved their stated goals - the end of the suppression of the monasteries and the punishment / dismissal of those who were carrying out it like Thomas Cromwell? I don't think King Henry VIII would ever really...