henry jackson

  1. Potential "Libertarian" Republican canidate in 1976 after two terms of Henry "Scoop" Jackson?

    My scenario is following: Nixon wins 1960 election and initiates a full-scale invasion of Cuba in 1961 after a Tonkin-like provocation instead of IRL Bay of Pigs. Soviets still errect the Berlin Wall, but utilize it as a convinient response to the American invasion. The lack of Cuban Missile...
  2. ZeroFrame

    Hell or Highwater: Buddy Cianci and the Decade of Malice

    What is this? A timeline where an underrated figure from Rhode Island becomes president. His name is Buddy Cianci. At one point he was considered a rising star in the Republican Party so I got an idea. Why? I got bored at school. How long will this last? Hopefully until I finish it or get...
  3. Chapman

    WI: Kennedy/Jackson 1960?

    According to Wikipedia (a spotty source at best, but let's roll with it), Henry "Scoop" Jackson was the first choice of then-Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy for VP. Kennedy obviously chose Lyndon B. Johnson instead, out of a belief that a southerner was essential to winning the election...