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  1. kasumigenx

    Three daughters of Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Threadmarks: Birth of the Twins and Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine

    On 1150, Eleanor of Aquitaine dies after giving birth to twin daughters, named Alix and Eleanor, after her husband had tried his best to save his own marriage with his first wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, dying at a young age, the people near her would feel sad about her but they know that her...
  2. kasumigenx

    Henry II dies in 1204
    Threadmarks: Death of King Henry II

    Henry II of England would die on 1204 in England, he would be succeeded by his grandson, Arthur I, Duke of Brittany who would take his place as King of England as Arthur I of England, uniting Brittany, Anjou, Normandy, and Tourraine with England while Richard I of Aquitaine had been succeeded in...
  3. TheDoofusUser

    The Leopard's Empire - WI Frederick V of Swabia was Born strong
    Threadmarks: The Birth of Frederick the Strong

    In the year of our lord 1164, the world was very different than what we see nowadays. First, the Albertas [1] had not yet been discovered and would not be found for another 336 years. Then, there's the fact that Iberia was divided into several Christian Kingdoms of Aragon, Castille, Leon...
  4. WI: Happy Plantagenet Family, no revolts or familial strife (at least in the first two generations)

    This is a little bit earlier than I usually focus, so don’t hesitate educate me. So, what if Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine had a really happy marriage? What if their children didn’t fight Henry II or each other? What kind of effect would Eleanor have on court life since she won’t spend so...
  5. WI: The Norman domains are divided upon William the Conqueror's death

    Upon the death of William the Conqueror, his domains, England and Normandy, were divided between his two eldest sons, as, following Norman customs, his eldest son, Robert, inherited Normandy (as it had been his father's original domain) while his second son, William, became William II of...
  6. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Spanish Mexique

    Otl, a french ship seeking to trade with early spanish colonies in the caribbean (and maybe claim an island for the captain, Henry Caron, sources vary) blew off course, and landed in the rich lands of mesoamerica. Seeing all the gold laden cities as the Aztecs gave them refuge for a short time...
  7. AltoRegnant

    France Without The Norman Conquest?

    In the event of a failed norman conquest, what would the effects on the Kingdom of France be? On the surface we might assume france would steamroll the european continent as seen here and also here, but middle ages france was seriously decentralized, with Brittany, Burgundy, even Provence and...
  8. Earl Marshal

    WI Henry the Young King wins the Revolt of 1173/1174?

    In 1173 Henry the Young King, eldest living son and heir of King Henry II Plantagenet revolted against his father. Young Henry had been made the titular co-King of England alongside his father in 1170 but he had no real power or income to fund his court causing a rift between father and son...