1. PyroTheFox

    Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left
    Threadmarks: Title: Crimson Banners Fly I & Table of Contents

    Author's Notes: "Crimson Banners Fly" is an alternate history timeline set at the turn of the century, at the precipice of momentous change for the United States. This will be a re-imagining of an older timeline of mine from around 2015/6 called "Paint it Red" (posted only on the Atlas Forum)...
  2. galileo-034

    The American Chairman - Act I : Give me liberty or give me Hearst

    The American Chairman Act One - Give me liberty or give me Hearst Prologue Well, where to begin? A week ago I guess. I have had this idea trotting around my head again and again over the past week, at least. Over the summer, and even still now, I watched political crisis unfolding in Italy...
  3. Miss by an Ince (Hearst Shoots Chaplin in 1924)

    Hollywood lore tells us that in 1924 William Randolph Hearst shot and killed movie mogul Thomas Ince. Supposedly he shot Ince in the head, while trying to shoot Charlie Chaplain. Hearst suspected Chaplain was fooling around with his mistress Marion Davies. So what if Hearst hits his target...