1. PsychoNeo

    AHC: Make Mexico Great in Timeline-191

    I have a challenge for you guys. For those familiar with Timeline-191, you know. For those not familiar, educate yourself. The challenge here is to make Mexico a significant part of the TL-191 history. In the books, they offensively don't matter much in the grand scheme of affairs in the world...
  2. PsychoNeo

    Thoughts on US annexation of the CS after WW2?

    As we all know in Timeline-191, the US annexes the CS after WW2. There have been understandable criticisms of this concept, because to be frank, damn. Even if the US and CS are very much related countries, with similar forms of government (until Featherston of course), same languages, same...
  3. PsychoNeo

    Timeline-191/Southern Victory: What if the US annexed the CS after WW1, instead of after WW2?

    Seriously, why the fuck did the US not annex the CS after WW1? Anyway, what would the world and future events look like had they annexed them after WW1?
  4. PsychoNeo

    Any changes to Timeline-191/Southern Victory

    Harry Turtledove's Southern Victory series is one of my favorite alternate histories. However, there are a few things that I would change about it. For one, I would calm down on the parallelism despite enjoying aspects of it. I would also try to give Mexico a more USSR-like history, at least in...