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  1. Independent India in WWII if CP win WWI

    POD is that Labour Party wins a landslide victory in 1918 election because of CP Victory in the Great War. The 1918 Labour Party General Election Manifesto promised "Freedom for Ireland and India". First grants Voting rights to all adults in UK and India. The Whole of Ireland is given...
  2. Optimize German Army for WW1

    The German Imperial army IOTL was very volatile and powerful as it stood, not only in technology but in pure numbers as well as organization, however it can still always be improved upon, especially if given appropriate PODs. With a POD of no earlier ghan 1900, what can you do to optimize and...
  3. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    A (late) Central Powers Victory: Some Musings

    For me, the first world war is more interesting than the second. Now, don't get me wrong; WWII is still utterly fascinating. I especially love the technology, from the A-Bomb to the B-29 to the FG-42 and plenty more. But when reading about WWII, I always felt like the Axis were on borrowed time...
  4. Proposed WW1 war aims/wargoals mapped out by me

    Hello there Mapnerds, This thread is for the discussion of my maps and the underlying information/people it involves. Essentially what I do is I go into online archives and read WW1 proposals made by Germans and map them out for your enjoyment and information. The people I include range from...
  5. Oba Cahokia

    Prussian Großdeutsche: What if Prussia annexed German Speaking Austria?

    The German Question has been around since the beginning of the 1800s. After the Austro-Prussian War Prussia could've had the chance to cut out German Austria from the rest of Austria Hungary. Let's say the play the game as in our timeline with Southern German States and annex them after the...
  6. Filo

    A Bavarian united Germany: Discussion

    I don't want to create a TL. Because I don't have the time to do it. The projects I have on Deviantart and the shitty Roman Empire, plus the RL take up a lot of time. But I'd love to hear your opinions. Would it be possible to see a German Empire formed from Bavaria? And when would it be...
  7. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    German colonies in 1917 CP Victory

    Before World War 1, Germany had amassed the third largest colonial empire in the world, second only to Britain and France. However, these were mostly lost by 1915, although Paul von Lettow-Vorbek managed to cause significant trouble for the British and French in German East Africa. So my...
  8. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    Surviving Central Powers vs USSR in the '40s-'50s

    Let's say that the USSR accepts the initial treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Where they only have to cede the area in red. Let's also say that there's no Zimmerman Telegram, and so the US doesn't enter the war in 1917. They probably would eventually, but before they do, the millions of Germans freed...
  9. WWI: The Kaiser Takes France

    Hello, this is my first post here so I will need to adjust to the environment. This thread will be a what if, and in this case it is Germany successfully taking France after Belgium. What would happen?
  10. The Russo-German Alliance

    Let's just say during the Great Eastern Crisis, Germany in attempt to satsain there alliance with Russia supports Bulgaria and tells the Austro-Hungarians to get out of Bosnia. Or a more reasonable and at the very least in 1887 Russia and Germany support the unification of Bulgaria and the both...
  11. The Brotherly War 1917-1918

    I just finished reading a book on Charles I of Austria Hungary and Croatia-Slovenia. I just found out that after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Austria Hungary want to make a separate peace with France. When Germany found out the German General Staff wanted to declare war on Austro-Hungary but...
  12. Effects of an Imperial German (and later Imperial Japanese) Philippines

    POD: In 1894, Marti is caught and arrested as he attempts to depart from Florida with soldiers and guns instead of getting released, or alternatively, he dies before the entire expedition takes place, or Eugene Debs is elected POTUS in 1896, leading to there being no Spanish-American War. Some...
  13. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    Which timeline should I write?

    Which timeline would you guys be most interested in seeing? The Cross in the Sky: A Maxentius Victory TL In this timeline, Maxentius defeats Constantine at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge and kills him. Roman history, especially in the east, is forever changed. The Flame of the West: A...
  14. German Grand Duchy of Alsace-Lorraine?

    There was a thread on this a few years ago which I will be referencing, but I wanted to try and restart this conversation. According to The Failure to Prevent World War I: The Unexpected Armageddon By Hall Gardner, in March 1911 the French government was fairly certain that Germany wanted to...
  15. maru.777

    WW1 Stalemate after Kaiserschlacht succeeds

    Germany takes Amiens and Hazeboruck in 1918, and eventually theyd take the channel ports and Rheims too. France’s governement falls and is replaced with pacifists who start negociations, the rest of the entente joins.US is still in and the peace is mediated by the pope. What would the terms of...
  16. maru.777

    Verdun in the Spring Offensives

    After having David Zabecki's book on the Spring Offensives i've found that some generals advocated for a divisionarry attack on Verdun. If this was launched waht would be the results?
  17. maru.777

    Falkenhayn sacked earlier

    Anyway to get Falkenhayn sacked earlier?
  18. SunZi

    WI: No Franco-Prussian War ?

    The Franco-Prussian War of 1870 had many consequences in the history of Europe and the world at the end of the 19th century. This war poorly prepared by the French Empire cost him many men, the loss of Alsace and Lorraine, a military occupation and the collapse of the imperial regime then in...
  19. maru.777

    CP victory pods

    Some CP victory pods that arent: Italy neutral or Cp, Germany wins Marne, Spring Offensives suceeds, US doesnt join WW1. Also preferably make the POD on the CP side or something that isnt made by an Entente change.
  20. maru.777

    Falkenhayn's Spring Offensive

    If Germany won lets say Verdun, Falkenhayn never gets sacked and there is no Hindenburg programm and an early B-L by the Soviets. Italy was knocked out of the war by Caporetto. How would the spring offensive be planned in this situation.