gerald ford assassinated

  1. ZeroFrame

    Hell or Highwater: Buddy Cianci and the Decade of Malice

    What is this? A timeline where an underrated figure from Rhode Island becomes president. His name is Buddy Cianci. At one point he was considered a rising star in the Republican Party so I got an idea. Why? I got bored at school. How long will this last? Hopefully until I finish it or get...
  2. PC/WI: Rockefeller vs. Wallace in the 1976 election

    The idea of this is to cause a 1976 election which re-aligns the GOP into a more liberal direction while sending the Democrats into a more conservative direction. The first POD is that Arthur Bremer fails to assassinate George Wallace, leaving him in perfect physical condition. The rest of...
  3. WI: Gerald Ford was assassinated by Lynette Fromme in 1975

    Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, a Charles Manson disciple and just generally a nutty person attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford with a Colt .45, but was unaware at the time that she would have to pull back the gun slide to get a cartridge in the chamber, thus the gun just clicked when she pulled the...
  4. Rocky

    Hi, this is my first TL. The POD is having Gerald Ford assassinated in 1975, which results in a Rockefeller presidency. I'll have the first update out by tomorrow.