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  1. Mr_Fanboy

    In a world where Bush dies on 9/11, who is the Republican nominee in 2004?

    Simple enough question: in a world where Bush dies on 9/11 (or by choking a pretzel a few months later), who would be in the strongest position to win the Republican presidential nomination in 2004? The incumbent, Dick Cheney, seems like someone who would not want mount his own bid for the...
  2. If Gore Had Won in 2000, How Could He Have Addressed Climate Change?

    Since the 1980s, Al Gore's chief policy issue has been climate change. He published the book An Inconvenient Truth in 1989, and starred in a 2006 documentary of the same name. Most discussions about a Gore victory in 2000 tend to focus on how he might've handled 9/11 and the economy differently...
  3. Bomster

    Effects of no 9/11 on 2004 Election?

    So let’s say that 9/11 is foiled in some way, whether it be the Bush admin paying attention to the warning signs, or Bin Laden being killed in an air strike in 1998, or whatever. Without 9/11, how does Dubya’s first term play out, and does he get re-elected in 2004? Additionally who would be the...
  4. EternalMadness1997

    Land of Confusion: A U.S. Timeline
    Threadmarks: 2000 Election I: Only 1% Off

    Author's Note: That's right, stepping into the Non-Gaming timeline ring! This is my take on a Gore presidency, though I do warn you all, there will be some twists you may not expect later on down the road. For now though, let's be fixated on the man, the myth, the legend himself, Albert Arnold...
  5. Gillan1220

    Photos from No W-An Alternate 2000s TL

    So with consultation from @Arthur Marston, I thought it would be interesting to do a visual photo thread for the dystopian scenario of No W written by @Lost Freeway (who unfortunately was banned in September 2017) similar to the photo threads for World War Z, 1983: Doomsday, Fatherland, and Man...
  6. dw93

    DBWI: Dick Cheney Agrees to be George W. Bush's running mate in 2000?

    According to George W. Bush's memoir "Decision Points," in 2000, Bush, after having him head his Vice Presidential selection team, asked his father's former Secretary of Defense and Former White House Chief of Staff for Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney to be his running mate. Cheney declined, citing his...
  7. WI: A Kerry/McCain Unity Ticket in 2004

    In 2004, John Kerry wanted his friend John McCain to be his running mate on a bipartisan "unity ticket." Polling from May 2004 showed that a Kerry/McCain ticket had a 14% lead over Bush among registered voters. McCain showed interested but he ultimately declined and endorsed Bush. Curiously...
  8. Why Did Kerry Lose in 2004?

    The 2004 US Presidential Election was very close: had only one state (Ohio) flipped to John Kerry, George W. Bush would've been a one term President. Bush is often considered one of America's worst Presidents, and many wonder why he was re-elected despite a weak economy, the Abu Ghraib scandal...
  9. Calcaterra

    AHC/WI: Bush Wins Both The Electoral & Popular Votes In 2000

    Just as the tin says, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to give Dubya the total win over Gore in 2000, and explain the aftermath of such an event.
  10. Likely McCain VP Choices in 2000

    Had John McCain been the 2000 Republican presidential nominee, who would've been his likely picks for Vice-President?
  11. WI: Clinton Taps Tom Harkin in 1992

    What if, instead of picking Al Gore, Bill Clinton taps Iowa Senator Tom Harkin to be his VP? Does this impact the 1992 presidential race? Would Harkin have beaten George W. Bush in 2000?
  12. WI: Kerry Runs in 2008

    After his narrow loss to George W. Bush in 2004, there was speculation that John Kerry would run again in 2008. But he declined, and instead ran for another term as Senator from Massachusetts. But what if Kerry had run for President again in 2008?
  13. anim8orkid

    WI: McCain doesn't run in 2000.

    A similar thread was posted in this forum a few years ago and prompted some interesting discussion: I'd like to revive this WI, focusing in particular on how McCain's absence would affect Bill Bradley's performance...
  14. DBWI: Jeb Bush Moves to Florida

    In OTL Jeb Bush considered moving to Florida in 1980 in order to help build a network for his father's presidential campaign. Yet instead he decided to stay in Texas where he formed a political career of his own. After losing his first election to State Treasurer Ann Richards in 1986, Bush make...
  15. If Gore Wins in 2000 and McCain Wins in '04, Who Wins in '08?

    The year is 2000. Vice-President Al Gore narrowly defeats George W. Bush to become the 43rd US President. Four years later, Gore loses his re-election bid to Senator John McCain. In 2008 President McCain is running for re-election, at least if his health permits. Under these circumstances, and...
  16. DBWI: Bush Wins in 2004

    John Kerry won the 2004 election in a narrow race against President George W. Bush. The election was decided by the state of Ohio, which went for Kerry by less than 1%. What if Bush had carried Ohio and won a second term in 2004?
  17. WI: Gore Runs in 2004

    In the lead up to the 2004 election, Al Gore was widely expected to run for President once again. But he declined. What if Gore had run?
  18. What Happens to the Bush Dynasty if 41 Loses in 1988?

    What would've happened to the Bush political dynasty had George H.W. Bush, our nation's 41st President, lost the 1988 Presidential election? It's likely that George W. and Jeb still enter politics, but how do their careers pan out under this change in circumstance?
  19. Would Jeb Bush Have Beaten John McCain in 2000?

    Similar to another thread I've done on a hypothetical Jeb! vs Gore race, the POD is that - as expected - George W. loses his 1994 race in Texas while Jeb! wins his race in Florida that same year. This sets up the younger Bush brother as the frontrunner for the 2000 Republican Presidential...
  20. Would Kerry Have Been Re-Elected in 2008?

    The POD is Ohio flips to John Kerry in the electoral college, and he defeats George W. Bush in the 2004 election. On January 20, 2005 Kerry begins his first term as the 44th President of the United States. Would Kerry have been re-elected in 2008?