1. KingOnTheEdge

    How Would Games of Our World Change In ATLs?

    I don't know how best to put this but, like all things, gaming has been vastly influenced by history. But how would certain games change in Alternate History? Before we start i do have one general request Please explain the sort of TL your alt. game is from, and how it differs from its OTL...
  2. DBWI: Disney dosen't expand into the Gaming Industry

    Well we know how the story goes. Disney sought to expand into the gaming industry and hasn't stopped ever since. They successfully competed with Activision to buy out Blizzard, thus giving them control over the world's largest MMO. This was followed by their 2009 buyout of Pandemic Studios...
  3. White Aurora


    I have seen some mentions of Frostpunk in the general gaming thread but I think this game should have its own thread. It's an alternate history city building simulator wherein the late 19th century, a global cooldown caused the collapse of human civilization. You play as the mayor of one of the...
  4. roachbeef

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought is a real-time strategy game developed by Game-Labs, who are known for their Ultimate General Series. In the game you are both a ship architect (imagine you're the Admiralty sending out specifications to designers in a world where HM Treasury kowtows to the Navy)...
  5. Welcome to the Arcade Gaiden
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    I'M BACK BITCHES William Higinbotham A name familiar to anyone who knows about video game history, He created the game Computer Tennis, a revolutionary game simulates a game of, well, tennis in 1958 to display it at the annual public convention of Brookhaven National Laboratory, the critical...
  6. The Turing-Nash Power Hour, A Collaborative Pop Culture TL

    After having a conversation with Mr_ Bondoc, I decided to start a new TL with him. And yes, this is a collaborative effort so anyone who wants to join in and share your ideas, you can with, (of course) our permission. So here's the POD: POD: June 7, 1954: Alan Turing refuses to commit suicide...
  7. DBWI: Gulf & Western Sells Sega To Japanese Investors

    So, what if Gulf & Western sold Sega to Japanese investors.
  8. Suzon

    A Death in the Family: The Nintendo Story
    Threadmarks: Prologue - A Death in the Family

    Prologue - A Death in the Family Hiroshi Yamauchi sat down on the twelfth evening of December 1993 as he usually did, next to his wife Michiko, sharing some piping hot tea. Unfortunately, the sixty five year old Yamauchi would never get to enjoy his cup of tea. As his wife poured his tea, she...
  9. baliebox4916

    My Alternate Utopia for My Anime/Manga/JRPG im Making

    Heres an Alternate History Scenario i Created out of the 8 Years of Research for an Anime im Making in the Future (its inspired by series like fringe but more utopian and the first run of futurama hope you like it) 1920s Walt Disney in the 1920s Agrees with Charles Mints to Work for Universal...
  10. WI: Shigeru Miyamoto works for SEGA

    Shigeru Miyamoto is without a doubt the most well-known and most popular video game creator of all-time, creating games like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox. All of which were published under Nintendo. Now this begs the question: What if Miyamoto did not work for Nintendo, but worked...
  11. EternalMadness1997

    The SEGA Generation
    Threadmarks: The Sega-Sony Hardware System

    (Wooh, finally got this ready enough to post! Sorry it took so long. This is my timeline about "WI Sega & Sony partnered up", based on what we know about their chance to partner with Sony. Me and Nivek have been working on this for a time behind the scenes, and we estimated the POD but of course...
  12. WI: Shin Megami Tensei becomes popular enough to gain controversy.

    Lets say the SMT series gets extremely popular and starts to gain controversy from news outlets and fundamentalists. what do you think they will say about it and what would happen to the series? here is why it would gain controversy 1. the christian god is evil in it 2. lucifer is portrayed...
  13. MountainPuncher

    WI: Nintendo bought the Harry Potter rights

    in OTL, Nintendo tried to acquire the rights to the Harry Potter series from J.K Rowling but the deal failed as Rowling decided to sell the rights to Warner Bros. But as the title suggests, what if J.K Rowling decided to give the rights to Nintendo instead of Warner Bros
  14. DBAHC: Screw Atari (as bad as possible)

    Atari is, no doubt, an institution in the gaming world. There have been many ups and downs, but they stay at the top of their game. Looking for some older games, though, I found out that there have been some ideas that could have ruined it completely. Atari must have been ridiculously lucky to...
  15. Narissa

    Of Discs and Drives - A Gaming TL
    Threadmarks: One (1991)

    One (1991) 8:59 6.1.91 Tokyo, Japan The day had finally arrived. After months of waiting and developing, it was finally time. It was time to reveal a project almost finished, it was time, to reveal Project Mark 5.5, the SEGA-CD. Lights came on for the booths, Hayao Nakamaya and Tom Kalinske...
  16. Narissa

    WI: The N64 Multimedia Device was Released?

    Through old patents someone found an old unreleased peripheral for the N64. Supposedly it had infra-red remote controllers, it could also use an internet service that sounds pretty much like Randnet (allowing you to connect to the internet, and download games that would be stored on an internal...
  17. Narissa

    DBWI: The SEGA-CD failed?

    What if the SEGA-CD failed to catch the support of third-parties like it did OTL? Would SEGA actually release Project Mars as a last resort? Would we still see the SNES-CD (Philips CD-ROM add-on unit for the SNES)? What would happen to SEGA-CD's classics like Sonic 4, Ratchet and Bolt...
  18. Narissa

    Tons of Bits and Bytes - A Gaming TL
    Threadmarks: August 1996

    Well, I'm rebooting my gaming TL again. (To see an older version look here: Of Bits and Bytes ) I'm going to be starting out a little differently. I'm writing this differently, and including some new stuff. So, again for the third time, here we go! (Sorry about redoing this TL so many times. :/)...
  19. WI: No NES outside of Japan?

    Assuming that the Nintendo Entertainment System is never exported to North America, how would the gaming industry in North America evolve?
  20. WI: Video Games (or at least shooters) Banned in US or Beyond

    What would it take to override the corporate interests, fan outcry, and in some countries free speech guarantees and, in the words of some, "ban this sick filth?" Not a scenario I'd like to see happen OTL, mind you.