1. roachbeef

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought is a real-time strategy game developed by Game-Labs, who are known for their Ultimate General Series. In the game you are both a ship architect (imagine you're the Admiralty sending out specifications to designers in a world where HM Treasury kowtows to the Navy)...
  2. Explain the AH News Heaadline

    Similar to the AH Cultural descriptions and Explain the AH Quote threads. The first person posts an alternate-history newspaper headline, and the next person explains its backstory or even write the article's newspaper itself. After that, you post a headline of your own, and so on. I'll start...
  3. Andrew Boyd

    AHC: Mario helmed completely by Yoshiaki Koizumi.

    As many hardcore Mario fans may know, Yoshiaki Koizumi has been credited by some as the "Real Daddy" of the Mario franchise. So what if Miyamoto ultimately got replaced by Koizumi sooner than what'll likely happen IOTL? Wether it be death or merely moving on to other things. What could we see...
  4. Andrew Boyd

    WI: A Super Mario Bros. Musical TV show

    Personally, I had some ideas. Such as it starting with a theatrical film based on a revised script for the 1993 film, and then some. All with music and songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber. But any ideas you guys had for certain songs or episodes? Fire away.
  5. WI: Shigeru Miyamoto works for SEGA

    Shigeru Miyamoto is without a doubt the most well-known and most popular video game creator of all-time, creating games like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox. All of which were published under Nintendo. Now this begs the question: What if Miyamoto did not work for Nintendo, but worked...
  6. Top Video Games never made

    Much like the greatest television shows never made, this thread is very much the same as that, except for video gaming. Game Of Thrones (2014): Developer: Obsidian Software Publisher: Bethesda Softworks A game set at the start of the series (series 1), you would begin the game as a member of...
  7. Alcsentre Calanice

    AHC: More realistic HoI

    So we all know that in Hearts of Iron, you can perform Operation Sealion, win against the US playing as Germany and conquer the world as Luxembourg. It's quite certain that all this wasn't possible in real life. I'm only a casual player and don't really know where exactly the game is flawed...