1. Ĉio Sub la Steloj - A FHTL
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    I've been working on this timeline for aaaaaages before I got the chance to log in and post. Well, here's the thread. This will be mostly maps and graphics. World Map Notes Coming soon! Any questions and constructive criticism would be welcome.
  2. AHC/WI Japan continues to be the high-tech, futuristic wonderland of the 1980s?

    What if by the 2010s, Japan continues to be a country that seems like to be at least 30 years ahead of the USA and Western Europe in technological development, and also completely free from the West's moral constraints, similar to its 1980s image? By the 2020s, Japan continues to be seen as a...
  3. Great Big Worlda Collaborative Project
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    So I've recently come across several worlds/pixel maps that have a lot of different elements. I think there isn't a specific classification for them but here are the examples: These two are from Mr. Imperator Roma over on deviant art. And this one is from @rvbomally I really like these...
  4. Calcaterra

    Alternate Super Bowls, 1999-Future

    I’ll start it off: Super Bowl XXXIV: Indianapolis Colts def. St. Louis Rams 42-40, MVP QB Peyton Manning Super Bowl XXXV: New York Giants def. Oakland Raiders 24-14, MVP DE Michael Strahan
  5. RedTerra

    An Empire of Dreams: A World where the Magic of Star Wars lived on

    I hate directing. You go to work knowing just how you want a scene to be, but by the end of the day, you’re usually depressed because you didn’t do a good enough job. It’s hard enough just to walk through it, let alone direct the actors, move the equipment. It was easy to let go of directing...
  6. TheMiddlePolitical

    No Trump No Hillary 2016-An alternate timeline

    This is my first official timeline so If I'm not great you all will know why :D Hillarys scandal happens before her announcement,making her want to focus on it and not the election,Trump just decides not to run.
  7. Sirion

    2010s Tropes

    So after I complete my 50s Atompunk map, I would like to get around to doing a 2010s punk map. I was wondering what sort of general vision we have for the future, such as 3D printing, the rise of China, self driving cars, climate change, etc. Any ideas?
  8. Marcus Sergius

    Darkest Days
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    The Year, 2026. The world is a grim and dark place, with only small flashes of light sputtering on the globe. In the West, the Monolithic United States stands strong as a corporatist empire, leading the objectivist movement through the Freedom Coalition. Dominating most of Eurasia stands...
  9. emk163

    A Different American Future: How Washington Changed The World
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    The Electoral College elected Major General Benjamin Lincoln as the first president of the United States of America. George Washington stayed out of the election wanting to remain a general. The first Vie President would be Samuel Hunington. John Adams had declined saying it was in his best...
  10. TrucKola

    If All The Ice Melted... (QBAM)

    Here is a map that needs improvement. 1: Some landmasses were left unedited. (Philippines, Indonesia, Central Africa, Canada/Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Chile, and Antarctica) 2: Some of the edited land masses are sloppy (I'm not that good at drawing maps) So if you want to contribute, that...
  11. The White House Run of '84

    It was January 10th 1984 when President Ronald Reagan was assassinated. He was no stranger to attempts, just 69 days into his presidency some nut in love with an actress had tried to shoot him, had gotten his then Press Secretary permanently disabled. However that didn't leave him in fear, that...