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  1. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Gleaming Rails Across The Country: Light At The End of The Tunnel 2.0
    Threadmarks: An Introduction

    The Railroad and What it Stands for in America Steve Glischinski for Trains Magazine: March 2019 In anticipation of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific duly celebrating the Golden Spike Centennial, it's only fair that we look at the progress and changes American Railroads enjoyed. The...
  2. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: Railroads de-regulated in the 1950s

    Simply put, what if the railroads were massively de-regulated in a way that let them improve and maybe even continue passenger operations for a while longer. What de-regulations would it take?
  3. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: More electric trains in North America

    Simply put, have more railroads in North America use electric engine as opposed to diesel engines. Where would this be economically viable or successful? Where wouldn't it work? Is it possible to see most American main lines electrified?
  4. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Railroading Renaissance in 1980s

    Give any ideas where such things as better passenger trains and more electrified lines could happen in the 80s. Wether the POD be before that or not. Go ahead, y'all. I'll have mine started in a bit.
  5. Duke Andrew of Dank

    All Aboard America: An American Railroad Consolidation Timeline

    Welcome to All Aboard America! This is a timeline created by myself. Though contributions from many other users may be accepted. This is an old version of my initial TL. But I chose to change a bit of the history. So here we go. After World War 1, Congress had returned the railroads back to the...
  6. Duke Andrew of Dank

    The Esch Cummins Act: US Railroad Consolidation program

    In 1920, Congress passed the Esch-Cummins Act. This Act (officially called the Transportation Act of 1920) not only returned the railroads back to the private sector from USRA control during WWI, but it also instructed the Interstate Commerce Commission to create a plan to consolidate the...