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  1. France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread III - The lost files

    Hello there, In Line of Wing's work on FFO (may he be praised), which cannot of course pretend to translate everything, I have thought it would be interesting to add a few addentum, annexs and personnals files of all the authors. The thread will be alimented ... when I got time. Still, I hope...
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    France Fights On (English Translation) - Thread II - To the continent!

    Link to thread I
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    Fantasque Time Line (France Fights On) - English Translation
    Threadmarks: 001 - Death of a countess

    Preamble All of you may know the Fantasque Time Line, which we commonly know as France Fights On. You can find it here. However, there has to my knowledge been no english translation of this work. I've contacted @Loïc M. , one of the authors of the FTL, to be able to translate this work so that...