france antartique

  1. Aluma

    Fate of Brazil and the World with a French-Portuguese Union

    The concept of a French Brazil is quite frankly fascinating and recently it got more attention with a few threads discussing the effects of such a POD, with even a timeline on the topic(Kurd Gossemer's l'Antartique, a great read I recommend to everyone) and of course Portuguese Brazil is very...
  2. Kurd Gossemer

    l'Antarctique: A French Brazil TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: A French Admiral and some hard wood.

    The admiral himself, like any self respecting Frenchman, he had facial hair of sorts. The establishment of the nascent French colony that would be know one day as Brasíl or La Antartique for much of its colonial history starts humble like any nation does, an certain French admiral by the name...
  3. AltoRegnant

    Would France Bother With Louisiana If They Had A Sizeable Brazilian Colony?

    Say that France Antartique is successfully established, and dominates the southeast and south regions as defined here; PoD can be whatever. Now, otl, Louisiana was basically established to feed the french Caribbean (chiefly haiti). Except ttl, not only do they have a region large enough to feed...