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  1. The Silent Flag: A Non-Interventionist U.S TL
    Threadmarks: Introductory Chapter

    This is my first(second) Alt History. I hope it goes well. I want to improve, and I would appreciate if you would help me with that along the way. The Silent Flag The Clay Presidency: An appraisal by Ben Kroft December 4th, 1844 Against all odds, it seemed, Henry Clay had beaten the hawkish...
  2. AHQ: Foreign policy of a Control Faction - ruled Reich

    Hi again and welcome to another thread touching upon the form of a victorious German Reich after the Second World War where the Control Faction of the NSDAP (Bormann and his minions) have emerged victorious. (end of introductory cards) At least as far as I am concerned, despite my research, I...
  3. Cymry-Korean

    Austria-Hungary in an Early Entente Victory

    How do you all think Austria-Hungary wpuld develop after having been defeated alongside Germany in a shorter WW1, probably ending sometime on early 1916. While I don't think Austria-Hungary would collapse in this scenario, I do expect that they would lose Trentino and Trieste to Italy...
  4. GauchoBadger

    WI: The DDR recognized as a sovereign country by Bonn?

    What if the East German socialist state that existed from around the end of the Allied occupation of Germany around the early 1950's till the fall of the Eastern Bloc around 1990 had, instead of claiming to be the legitimate government of all Germany (which resulted in tensions within European...
  5. Amadeus

    George W. Bush's Presidency Without 9/11

    If 9/11 had never happened (let's say that the perpetrators are caught in Boston on September 11) how would Bush's presidency have panned out? Would he continue to focus more on domestic issues than foreign affairs? Would he still try to invade Iraq? Would Gore try for a rematch in 2004? Would...
  6. Amadeus

    President McCain in 2005 After Gore Wins in 2000

    The 2004 election between Bush and Kerry was extremely close. All Kerry had to do was win Ohio and he would have been President. Supposing that Gore pulls through in 2000, leads the country through 9/11 and the Afghanistan War, he would be facing the same difficult reelection campaign as Dubya...
  7. Whiteshore

    Foreign Policy of a victorious KMT China

    In a scenario where the KMT won the Chinese Civil War (let's assume for this scenario that there's a "PRC-in-Manchuria" as a "reverse Taiwan" of sorts), what would their foreign policy look like? How would this victorious Republic of China interact with the wider world? What would relations with...
  8. Amadeus

    Would You Impeach Reagan Over Iran-Contra?

    Edit: Having been made aware that this thread could be locked as the original version didn't include a POD, I've decided to turn this into an alternate history scenario reflect the standards of the site. During President Reagan's second term, it was revealed that his administration was...
  9. Amadeus

    How Would You Have Handled the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    October 16, 1962: You are the President of the United States, and American intelligence reports that the Soviet Union is planting missile silos in Cuba, only ninety miles from US shores. Your response will determine the fate of the world. Any single miscalculation could increase global tensions...
  10. Amadeus

    If the Democrats win in 1968 and '72, who wins in '76?

    Despite the unpopularity of President Johnson, the 1968 election was extremely close and could easily have gone the other way given a 3% shift to the Democrats in a few swing states. If the Democrats win in '68 (whether their candidate is Humphrey or RFK, the only two with a real chance,) they...
  11. What if the Europeans had caused about 75% of Africa's population to die?

    Let's say disease and revolts are what kills them. Europeans are crueler when the Natives attempt to revolt and become independent. What would that do to Africa today? Would Africa be a wealthier continent? How resentful would the African nations be to the Europeans today?
  12. Davis J.

    What if the world recognized Haiti after it's independence?

    I was bored when I wrote this but I saw a Vox video about Haiti and the DR which stated that Haiti faces racial segregation and abuse from it's only neighbor, the DR, and even in it's earlier years European countries and the US were hostile or uninterested in Haiti as the first black republic...
  13. Whiteshore

    Foreign Policy of a unified India

    In a scenario where the Muslim League is less powerful and India achieves independence as a unified nation, what would the foreign policy of such a unified, unpartitioned India be? Would they be closer to the US or the USSR or could they maintain a truly non-aligned policy? What would India's...
  14. Whiteshore

    Foreign and Colonial Policy of a Fascist Britain

    In a scenario where Britain somehow goes Fascist in the 1930s (how Britain goes Fascist is irrelevant towards this discussion), what would it's foreign and colonial policy be? Would said British Fascist regime align itself with the Fascists of Europe (as part of an alignment against the...
  15. Whiteshore

    Foreign Policy of a Fascist USA

    In a scenario where the US fell to Fascism in the 1930s (let's leave the circumstances of said Fascist takeover vague), what would the foreign policy of such a Fascist America look like? Would they try and buddy up with their fellow Fascists in Europe? Or would they be content with controlling...
  16. AHC : Isolationist United States to the 21st century

    A challenge if you like. What does it take for the United States to stay out of any war whatsoever after the American Civil War onwards.
  17. TrueFactsUnstated

    Foreign Policy of Iran, Without the Islamic Revolution

    The Islamic Revolution of 1979 has as much a profound impact on the foreign policy of Iran as it did its domestic policy, with the political ascendency of the Shi'a ulema class implementing a foreign policy that decisively sought to expand Iran's geopolitical position through the use of...