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  1. Buries and Mashers: A Food Timeline
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    All the leaves are brown… All the leaves are brown… And the sky is gray… And the sky is gray… I’ve been for a walk… I’ve been for a walk… On a winters day… On a winters day… I'd be safe and warm… I’d be safe and warm… If I was in LA… If I was in LA… California dreamin' California...
  2. GameBawesome

    AHC Game: Create your own ATL Cuisine

    A thread based off the List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage, AH Royal/Imperial/Noble Titles Game and AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world, and piggybacking on the AH Cuisine and Culinary Practices and slightly based off the Cuisine of the Confederate States of...
  3. The_Persian_Cat

    An Alt-Historical Cookbook

    Hello everyone, So, one of the most important aspects of culture is cuisine. Food and drink directly impacts one's day-to-day life, and is central to social life in every culture throughout history. Often, food can have special social, ritual, or cultural meanings, and one's diet also often...
  4. JesterBL

    The Stomach of Man Under Socialism: A Culinary History of Socialist America
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    Prologue “Have you ever had American cuisine?” “No.” “Well, neither have they.” (joke loosely translated from the original French) American food, where it is discussed at all in food circles, is discussed purely as a joke. This is perfectly understandable, particularly from the viewpoint of my...
  5. GameBawesome

    DWBI: McDonalds Monopoly doesn't a become the SOLE fast-food chain

    DWBI: The rise of the McDonalds Monopoly is a long one. Ever since the 1970s, McDonalds became even more monopolistic, and expanding not just into burgers, but also products, such as McPizza, McHotdogs, McSpaghetti, McWaffles, McFried Chicken, McTv Dinners, McPockets, McTaco, McBurritos, McCola...