1. GenghisKhanfan

    General Reception of the 'Finis Austriae' Timeline Thread

    This poll is for the purpose of gauging the reception to the timeline thread 'Finis Austriae' A Different War of the Austrian Succession. The poll will remain open indefinitely and the link to this poll will be provided in the discussion thread Discussion thread for the timeline Any questions...
  2. GenghisKhanfan

    A Different War of the Austrian Succession...or....Finis Austriae (STORY ONLY. Discussion thread link provided)

    Before I get to the backstory (which may take a few days as-of the date of this writing, I will soon be preparing for my weeklong vacation in North Georgia which after two very stressful weekends of work at Kroger, I DESPERATELY NEED), I wish to explain why I've chosen to do an alternate...