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  1. Meshakhad

    The Fire Never Dies, Part II: The Red Colossus
    Threadmarks: 1. The First Workers' Congress

    (Continuing from here.) …Unlike the old system, where a President would nominate his cabinet to be approved by the Senate, the commissars would be elected in a competitive race in the House after nomination by the Chamber or the existing Central Committee (which consisted solely of Premier Debs...
  2. PC: UK-Ottoman-Italian-Japanese Alliance after a Central Victory

    If the Central Powers win WWI, how likely is it for the UK, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, and Japan to make up an alternate Axis in this tl's second world war? What I had in mind was that the Ottomans thinking that they didn't get the spoils they should've and behave as Italy did, Britain seeing...
  3. AHC/WI: Fascist Britain, Democratic Japan.

    What if, in response to post-WW1 economic and political strife, Britain falls to a form of Fascism, akin to OTL Japanese militarism. Meanwhile, Taisho democracy somehow endures in Japan. Cold Anglo-American relations, and warm Japanese-American relations see Japan abandon the Anglo-Japanese...
  4. What would happen to the monarchy if Britain turned fascist in the early 30s?

    Assuming this is a CP victory since it would obviously be ASB to do it along the likes of OTL. Does Edward and Wallace charm Oswald Mosely and his cronies or are they ousted like the German monarchy IOTL.
  5. AltoRegnant

    DBWI America Entered ww1?

    Otl, America was the great haven during the great war, and didnt enter, as Germany promised (and fulfilled) compensation for the lusitania incident, and the Zimmerman telegram was immediately thought to be a desperate British hoax. And so, September 9th, mere months after Russia's early...
  6. Whiteshore

    AHC: Fascist Britain

    With a POD after June 28, 1919 (the signing of the Treaty of Versailles), have the United Kingdom fall under a fascist government (the flavor of fascism doesn't matter as long as Britain goes fascist). Bonus points if you manage to have this fascist Britain survive to the present-day as well.
  7. How would a Fascistic Society in the Middle Ages work?

    Other than poorly... All jokes aside, assuming radical, authoritarian, militaristic, xenophobic nationalism became a thing, how would it work around the 1000s, let's say in an alternate version of England that was conquered by the Normans but came under a constant state of revolt until the...
  8. Fascist World

    Hey guys. This thread asks the question: How can a non-polarized, fascist world come to be? With non-polarized, I mean there are multiple superpowers, with different branches of fascism as their state ideology. The POD should be somewhere in the early 20s, and the world has to be completely...
  9. HenraldGK

    Peace in Our Time - 1940

    Peace In Our Time… 1940 An ambitious project to say the least - but I don’t shy from a challenge. I asked myself what would have happened if the UK had chosen peace with Germany in 1940. This, of course, changes so much around the world - a non-existent war can’t expand to other theatres. I may...
  10. Jim Smitty

    A New Balance
    Threadmarks: Spanish-American War 1873-75

    The Spanish American War 1873-75 The Spanish American War of 1873-75 started in the aftermath of the Virginius Affair. Secretary of State Hamilton Fish was working to find a peaceful end to this affair with Minister Admiral Don Jose Polo de Bernabe soon after the affair started. As Fish was...
  11. AHQ: Fascist British Irredentism?

    The premise here is that in the 1930's a larger red scare across Europe leads to much more right-leaning governments in many places, including Great Britain, which goes full-blown fascist in order to "preserve the empire" or something. The question isn't how it happens, why it happens, or what...