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  1. Taunay

    WI: Far-right coup in Argentina in 1936

    (Note: a big portion of this scenario is based on information from the Spanish wikipedia article on Molina) Juan Bautista Molina may just be one of the most underused figures in alternate history. A fascist and a pro-Germany military general, he led many conspiracies to overthrow the government...
  2. Gukpard

    What the normal german far right wanted with the east?

    To expand east have been part of the german foreign policy since the times of the teutonic order, something that was kept until 1945, or according to some interpretations until the border treaty of 1990 when Germany recognized the oder niesse line. Enter the "normal" german far right, that...
  3. Gukpard

    WI: The Hans von Seeckt coup is attempted?

    Do you know the kind of stupid villain that ends doing a positive thing by accident? So, the DNVP and other traditional ultracon-protofascist parties in the weimar republic were about to attempt their own coup, putting Hans Von Seeckt in power of Germany and maybe trying to restore the...
  4. Gukpard

    (collaborative) Hugenberg's Reich: The Second Rise of the Prussian eagle.

    For some idea of the PoD, check this video from 17:31 to 18:23 Well, this is my first attempt to a collaborative scenario, so to prevent things from getting out of hand, or out of rules, I'm going to create some basic rules. 1- Posts from everywhere in the world are accepted, and most of the...
  5. Gukpard

    WI TFP coup in Brazil in the 1970s.

    Tradition, Family and Proprierty is a international catholic organization that had his peak in the 1960s, being active world wide and is still alive alltough it was moved to the shadows. In Brazil it was organized in the 1960s and served as one of the main mccarthyists organizations in Brazil...
  6. What would it take for inter-war France to have a far-right government?

    Is there any non-ASB way for France, despite winning the Great War, to end up with a far-right government? Be that Action Française getting into power, the PSF or PPF successfully challenging the Popular Front, or some other far-right group taking control, is it possible for France to fall to...
  7. DBWI: 9/13 done by Islamists instead of Neo-Nazis

    Okay, so a lot of timelines on this site seem to have a rough equivalent to the September 13th attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the White House being carried out by Islamic Terrorists from abroad instead of Neo-Nazis from within the United States. I did some research on...
  8. WotanArgead

    Victory of the USSR in the Cold War: National Bolshevism as the ideology of the New Right.

    I was visited by the following idea: what if in this world a number of ultra-nationalists can take advantage of various forms of national Bolshevism as a banner. I note that here it is rather a collective term than the name of a specific ideology.
  9. Party of Government
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    The sight of these two British Prime Ministers inspires warm feelings in politicians of all stripes, though for some it is the warmth of nostalgia, and others the heat of rage. For many, it demonstrates the stability and pluralism that the Democratic Party of Great Britain has brought since its...
  10. GauchoBadger

    PC: Slowly-developing fascism within US politics (before 1917)

    Frankfully, i don't know if a scenario like this requires a PoD placed before or after 1900. What i'm thinking is... how can we, with a PoD before the US's entry into WWI in 1917, create some sort of developing trend or party in US politics that advocates for something akin to OTL fascism, yet...
  11. With a POD after 1900 make the GOP shift as far right as you can without making Goldwater president.

    With a POD after 1900 make the GOP shift as far right as you can without making Goldwater president. Also, try not to go the Mecham route;).