falklands war

  1. Preußisch-Feuerland

    Looking around the forums I've seen some ideas floating around regarding possible German (Prussian) settlement of the island of Tierra del Fuego (Preußisch-Feuerland). What would be the best time frame for this to take place (my rough guess would be from the 1850's to the 1870's) What would be...
  2. HMS EAGLE in the Falklands
    Threadmarks: Whitehall 31st March 1982

    31st March 1982 Whitehall Pausing only to make a quick phone call to get a quick update on the disposition and readiness of his fleet and having found the defence secretary not in his office but at an emergency meeting to discuss the imminent invasion the fully and glitteringly bemedaled...
  3. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Partitioned Falklands/Malvinas

    So, is there any way for the Falklands/Malvinas islands to be partitioned between Britain and Argentina, avoiding the Falklands War? Perhaps with Argentina getting the western island while Britain keeps the eastern one and the Sandwich islands?
  4. WI Falklands war in late 1982

    One of the biggest issues the Royal Navy and the British government had to contend with was the rapidly approaching winter, as attempting to invade during the middle of winter would be far harder than invading when they did which meant thing had to happen very quickly So my question is - what if...
  5. If Britain loses the Falklands War, what happens to Thatcher?

    So, I was doing a bit of reading on the 1983 election, and there seems to be a consensus that Thatcher only called the election early to deliver her the best chance of a crushing victory, in the wake of her soaring popularity after the Falklands War. So the question seems obvious. What happens...
  6. hms malta

    WI :HMS Eagle and Ark Royal refitted pre 1972?

    What if HMS Eagle/ Ark Royal is refitted in 1972 would both survive to and through the Falklands war? What would the possible impact of one or both being available for the Falklands war?
  7. Shadow Master

    The UK goes another route...

    Hey everybody, just a quick question thread about a path not taken (At least as far as I know), by the RN post WWII. There are some good threads lately about the RN carrier force post WWII, but while participating in one such thread, a thought crossed my mind, and I thought that perhaps this...
  8. Gukpard

    Aftermath of a Argentinian victory in the falklands?

    We have dozens of threads about how Argentina could have won the falklands war, even if pyrricaly, , so here something different Let's say that Argentina won, what is the future for Argentina?
  9. DBWI: UK wins The Malvinas War

    As We all know, the 6 month British-Argentinian War for the then named Falkland islands was great for the UK after they sunk the Argentinian navy and pass the blockade around the islands. But after they landed the invaders soldiers fought tenaciously against the British and even after six months...
  10. ronaldo

    Argentina buys the Falkland Islands?

    How can Argentina buy the Falkland Islands? In what period is this more likely? What changes does this have to the history of the world?
  11. DBWI: The United Kingdom wins the Melvinas War?

    As we know, the Melvinas war was won by Argentina. How would history be different if the UK won?
  12. Alcsentre Calanice

    AHC: Britain forces Argentina to give up its claims

    Before ending the Falklands War, Britain forces Argentina to give up its claims on the Malvins to prevent any future conflicts over the islands. Is this possible?