1. HMS EAGLE in the Falklands
    Threadmarks: Whitehall 31st March 1982

    31st March 1982 Whitehall Pausing only to make a quick phone call to get a quick update on the disposition and readiness of his fleet and having found the defence secretary not in his office but at an emergency meeting to discuss the imminent invasion the fully and glitteringly bemedaled...
  2. The (American) Falkland Islands War of 1982

    What if the Falkland Islands were an American possession, and not British? Would Argentina dare challenge the U.S. for possession of the islands in 1982? Would there have been U.S. Marines and not Royal Marines charging ashore at Cape Pembroke? Who has any ideas?
  3. ronaldo

    Argentina buys the Falkland Islands?

    How can Argentina buy the Falkland Islands? In what period is this more likely? What changes does this have to the history of the world?
  4. UK declares war on Argentina after Falklands invasion

    Argentina invaded the archipelago without issuing an ultimatum or declaration of war. The british responded with military force, but also never issued a formal ultimatum or declaration of war. The argentinians had no formal bilateral alliances at the time. The British had several such, but chose...