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  1. MasterSanders

    A Perfect Democracy: The World That Huey Made
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    A Perfect Democracy - - or The World That Huey Made - A perfect democracy can come close to looking like a dictatorship, a democracy in which the people are so satisfied they have no complaint. - Huey Long Huey Pierce Long, Jr. (August 30, 1893 - March 15, 1960), known also by the...
  2. Gukpard

    DBWI what are this forum views on president Long?

    I'm still building up my views on president Huey Long as a foreigner, so I decided to start this thread to ask you americans views on them, I mean, he led the USA during world war II and the early cold war, and he is a hero for millions, but at the same time he had one of the, if not THE most...