1. Any good Bulgaria joins the Entente timelines?

    Hey all, been interested in Bulgaria's role in the Great War and what would have happened if they'd been successfully courted by the Entente and set upon the Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians. Now, this question has probably been explored before, so I'm wondering if there are any good timelines or...
  2. Early Entente Victory Without UK?

    The consensus of what would occur if the UK didn't enter the Great War is that France and Russia would get pummelled. Lets say, however, that near-ASB levels of luck befall the French and Russian war effort and victory is secured in 1915. I'd imagine such a scenario would involve France not...
  3. Effects on WW1 on Cilicia instead of Gallipoli

    I've seen it laid out that a better use of the same resources than the Gallipoli campaign would have been landings at Alexandretta and Mersin and a subsequent takeover and fortification of Cilicia: complicating Ottoman resupply of Mesopotamia by cutting the Berlin-Baghdad Railway at Adana...
  4. Entente Victory in a Central Powers victorious world

    In a scenario where the Central Powers won WW1, how and what will the world think of an Entente victory? Will the world think of an Entente victory as impossible as the Central Power and Axis victory threads criticized as impossible here or something which is possible? Does it matter if the...
  5. BloodAndIron

    AHC: No Second Balkan War

    What if there was no Second Balkan War? I would like to hear you guy's thoughts on this. Maybe give Serbia some territory elsewhere? I feel like Bulgaria would join the Entente in this world to take Constantinople from the Ottomans. Thanks in advance for sharing.
  6. WI: 1914 Entente Victory but Belgium 'Let Them Pass'

    Great War history is not my forte so I'm not sure if this is possible. But, assuming everything goes comically wrong for the Central Powers, and everything right for the Entente--perhaps with earlier PODs resulting in a better prepared France and Russia--I was wondering if this scenario is...
  7. World Mapping

    WI: Post-WW1 U.S. mandates over Armenia and the Straits?

    IOTL, Britain planned to offer the United States mandates over Wilsonian Armenia and the Turkish Straits post-WW1. These never came to be, but what if they did? How would this affect Turkey, the Entente, and the rest of the world?
  8. Central Powers seek peace jointly in Autumn, 1918. What happens to the Ottomans?

    Present is the following scenario: A-H doesn't launch the 2nd Battle of Piave, instead it chooses to strenghten its defences behind the river and also send a few divisions to the Balkans to aid the Bulgarians. As a result, neither the Italian, nor the Balkan Front collapses, however the...
  9. Calcaterra

    Union-Entente Alliance in a CSA Victory Scenario?

    The usual assumption made in a CSA victory scenario is that the Confederates win due to European (i.e. British/French) interference in the Civil War, followed by an Entente-Confederate alliance, parallel to one between the Union and the German Empire. I suppose my question is, then, in two...
  10. Sarthak

    Sweden.........joins the Entente? in ww1? What happens next?

    There was talk in the British Government before the von Essen scandal that the Germans would want to pre-empt any sort of Russian attack on Sweden by occupying Sweden themselves and seizing the iron ore mines. Of course this was false but what if it did happen and the Germans attacked the...
  11. USA Joins WWI Later, Can The Entente Still Win? And What Happens Afterwords?

    Somehow the US enters WWI later. Does the Entente still have a shot at winning? And if they do what happens? I believe that if the US enters later France would already be close to dropping out and the Germans already made serious progress into the country, and that the British would also be at...
  12. "What would WW1 have looked like had the US joined the Central powers in 1917?" Binkov video

    Sooo... What do you think? I'm honestly kinda puzzled how could such conclusion be reached...
  13. British Biscuit

    Cultural Impact of WW1 ending with a Stalemate/Prolonged Cold War?

    As the title says. World War 1 ends in status quo ante bellum followed by a prolonged Cold War between Central Powers and the Entente. How would this impact cultural development, self-identity and various art movements? OTL during and after the Cold War there was/is a notion (albeit one that's...
  14. AltoRegnant

    WI: Italy Joined The Entente Instead Of The Triple Alliance/Joined The Entente Early

    italy's joining of the triple alliance with AH and Germany is a bit of an oddity when one considers their relationship with Austria was always... less than pleasant due to Italian adriatic claims. Now, even against France they had some desires (i believe tunis and some minor claims against the...
  15. Bomster

    No USW

    Let's say for some reason or another the German Empire decides against conducting Unrestricted Submarine Warfare in early 1917. Aside from almost certainly butterflying or atleast delaying US entry into the war on the side of the Entente, how does the rest of the war play out without USW or US...
  16. Bomster

    WI: a worse defeat for the BEF at Mons in 1914

    What if the BEF were somehow defeated even more viciously than they were IOTL's Battle of Mons, perhaps even having their retreat flanked by the Germans and maybe even getting encircled. Could the Germans simultaneously encircle and severely damage or destroy both the BEF and the French Fifth...
  17. Bomster

    How can Germany win the Battle of the Marne?

    What decisions could the German generals have made but didn't that could have won the Battle of the Marne?
  18. Bomster

    WI/AHC: Germans take Amiens during Operation Michael

    What if the Germans take Amiens in the 1918 Kaiserschlacht? How could the Germans take Amiens through Operation Micheal? And would loosing a key link in the British supply chain cause a crisis that knocks France out of the war before the Americans arrive in force?
  19. Bomster

    WI: Italy knocked out of WW1?

    The Battle of Caporetto was a resounding defeat for Italian forces, sending them into full-on retreat from the Austro-German advance. However the Italians stalled their advance at the First Battle of Monte Grappa, defending the plains toward Venice and stabilizing the front, later scoring a...
  20. AltoRegnant

    AHC: WW1 Western Front In Germany

    OTL, Germany's more aggressive response to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, including the first declarations of war and invasion of Belgium, meant that little fighting was done on the Kaiser's home soil. Your goal is to have a major part of the western front be in Germany for over a year...