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  1. Metempsychosis

    Discussion: Late Han to Western Jin

    So, I've been interested in the late Han period lately, and I've been wondering about possible PODs in the period that could have radically changed the course of China. Feel free to post stuff on this thread about the period. For example, the possibility of the Yellow Turban Rebellion...
  2. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Known Unknown

    ---------------------- Part 1: Known Unknown One of the most frustrating but important battles to study by far is the Battle of Resaena, which took place in what was then Roman Syria in 243. Other than the fact that Roman and Persian arms clashed with great ferocity when the event took place...
  3. Shǔ Hàn China

    Although Shǔ Hàn was the weakest out of the Three Kingdoms, I'm curious as to how different China would have turned out had Shǔ Hàn won the Three Kingdoms Period instead of Jìn or Wú. Do you think Shǔ would have restored the Hàn Imperial family or have a descendant of Líu Shàn as Emperor...