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  1. The-English-Alexander

    What if Everything went right: The Greatest Show-people

    What if Everything went right: The Greatest Show-people *It's kind of fun to do the Impossible* Walter Elias Disney (1901-1975) *The Magic Here is not just for the children. But it's for everyone of all ages* Theodore Elias Disney (1926-1989) *Walt Forged, Theodore Crafted. Today we come...
  2. sokkawaterrebel5

    Gargoyles 1994-2006

    what if Gargoyles wasn't cancelled and the Goliath chronicles wasn't made and instead Disney let it continued for 12 seasons ending in 2006
  3. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)
    Threadmarks: Part I; Brillstein I: the POD

    A Hippie in the House of Mouse The Incredible Story of Jim Henson’s Amazing Tenure at the Walt Disney Company Image courtesy of @Nerdman3000 Part I: Froggy Went a’ Courtin’ Chapter 8, Frog Eats Mouse? Excerpt from Where Did I Go Right? (or: You’re No One in Hollywood Unless Someone Wants...
  4. Mr_ Bondoc

    A Magic Kingdom to the East

    In China, there is an actual knockoff Disneyland that was popular throughout the 1986 and which lasted into c. 2005, when it was shutdown due to lawsuits regarding blantant intellectual property theft. See...
  5. WI: More Successful Pinocchio Release?

    As you may or may not know, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio (the second film in the WDAC) premiered on February 7, 1940 before being widely released in the USA February 23 that same year. The next country where it was released was in the UK that spring (premiered in March and wide release in May). After...
  6. AltoRegnant

    WI: Walt Didn't Quit On Universal and Oswald?

    As i'm sure most of us know by now, Mickey Mouse was not the original small, loseley animal based ink blot Walter Disney made into a star. That honor went to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After a few years of successful shorts published by Universal, Walt didn't like the offer they gave for the...
  7. Wings Over the World (1970 - 2000): A Paul McCartney and Wings TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction and Chapter 1

    Wings' logo From 1971 to 2000 ex-Beatle Paul McCartney had a little band, a band that tried to take on the world; this band came close, but sadly it flew to close to the sun and melted. Wings had number ones, films, and Grammies; however trend chasing, label fall out, member changes, and the...
  8. Duke Andrew of Dank

    DBWI: John K. dies in his coma

    OOC: This is in the context of American Magic by @OldNavy1988. As we all know, Michael J. Kricfalusi's career came to a halt with his abduction a 15-year old neighbor. But not all may know is that earlier the same year of 1996, he had gone into a coma from drugs and alcohol. So. What if all...
  9. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: Don Bluth is still at Disney

    Don bluth, who most may know for The Secret of Nimh, worked at Disney until he left in dissatisfaction in 1979. But what if he stayed? What would be the consequences for the company? Would their Renaissance start sooner? What?
  10. DBWI: Fleischer Flops, Disney Dominates

    Most people have seen a few of the old Disney shorts, and everybody knows about Fleischer Studios. It's pretty much impossible not to. But back in the early 40s, both studios were in serious trouble. After Disney's Snow White, the Fleischers needed to produce a feature of their own. Several were...
  11. American Magic: A Different History of Disney
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Preface: A special thank you to Neamathla for the suggestion on the POD. After the Second World War, the Walt Disney Studios was in dire straits, sinking in almost $4 million USD in debt. But things would not be bleak on Dopey Drive for too long. When 1949 gave way to 1950, the studio’s...
  12. Alternate Disney. (Help needed.)

    Okay, after reading how to write a Timeline, I have decided to start an timeline all by myself. Please, bear with me, I'm not good with these things and help would be MUCH appreciated. What I'm planning to write about, is this; I'm fascinated by the history of Walt Disney and the Disney...