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  1. MemphisC

    The Disney Chronicles 2.0: A shuffled and altered Disney Canon and altered media landscape
    Threadmarks: Intro

    This is the sequel to the original Disney Chronicles from a while ago and this idea of a shuffled canon TL is based from @MrCarioca, @The British President, and @PGSBHurricane versions of a shuffled Disney TLs but this is my own take of it with a different media landscape in general with a...
  2. When You Shuffle Upon a Star: An Shuffled Disney Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Snow Queen (1937)

    The Snow Queen (1937) Before making his first animated feature, Walt Disney was primarily known for being the creator of Mickey Mouse and the Silly Symphony series. By attempting to do a full-length feature, Disney hoped to grow both the prestige and revenue of his animation studio. Several...
  3. The Shuffled Disneyverse 2.0: Another Alternate Disney Canon Timeline

    I've decided to reboot this TL but with some twists. There will be 12 animation/live-action hybrids (including Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers) plus the Goofy Movie. So instead of just 62 films, there will be 75 titles total excluding Pixar. And with Pixar, I've decided to add the shorts to the...
  4. MrCarioca

    Shuffling the Canon REDUX: A Shuffled Disney & Pixar TL Redone
    Threadmarks: The Little Mermaid (1937)

    The Little Mermaid (1937) Taken from "The Production of the Little Mermaid: Disney's First Success", produced 1990 Leonard Maltin: Walt had an extremely hard time choosing material for his first film. Walt has considered doing that novel "Bambi", then there was Peter Pan, the story about the...
  5. MemphisC

    The Disney Chronicles: A shuffled and altered Disney TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter Zero: Welcome to the Disney Chronicles!

    i was inspired by British President and Joe Caricosa2491 to start my own shuffled timeline. but i want to do my twist to this timeline in that i will dig up projects from the Disney vault to bring back ITTL and there will be different acquisitions throughout Disney's lifetime and will mainly...
  6. MrCarioca

    The Great Disney Redux: Another Disney TL

    Yup, another Disney TL, even though I have like two other ones which are still incomplete. So is this another shuffled Disney Canon TL? No. Well not really, some films will appear earlier or later but the order is mostly the same, even though there will be new films ITTL. So most Disney fans...
  7. George-Alexander

    The Disney Film Archives (A Shifted Disney Canon)

    A Different Direction: A Changed Media Universe Story
  8. MrCarioca

    Shuffling the Canon - A Shuffled Disney Canon TL

    So after reading The Shuffled Disneyverse by @PGSBHurricane , I feel inspired to do my own take. Hopefully this won't turn out too chaotic. Snow White will be the first film in the Disney Canon like in TSD, but everything after that is going to be shuffled.
  9. The Shuffled Disneyverse: An Alt Disney Timeline

    Hi guys, Even though most of my focus has been pre-1900, I'm skipping into after 1900 because admittedly, I enjoy reading Disney TLs on here. After reading several, I've decided to do a Disney timeline of my own. I was originally going to do a take on Disney and animation as a whole without...
  10. X_X

    I walked with you once upon a dream…. or yet another Disney film timeline

    What’s This? A Disney Timeline, featuring a different version of their animated canon. Haven’t We Seen This All Before? Kind of. A lot of this is going to be based on the studio’s actual history, but I promise you that there will be unique ideas that you probably won’t expect. This Will Be...
  11. Mr_ Bondoc

    A Magic Kingdom to the East

    In China, there is an actual knockoff Disneyland that was popular throughout the 1986 and which lasted into c. 2005, when it was shutdown due to lawsuits regarding blantant intellectual property theft. See...
  12. WI: More Successful Pinocchio Release?

    As you may or may not know, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio (the second film in the WDAC) premiered on February 7, 1940 before being widely released in the USA February 23 that same year. The next country where it was released was in the UK that spring (premiered in March and wide release in May). After...