1. Petike

    Petike's military-related artworks and images from the Sparrow Avengers universe

    This is something of a storage and showcase thread for military-related things from my Sparrow Avengers universe. These all come from a 19th to 21st century timeline by me, inspired by the Crimson Skies setting, and inspired by a question I posed years ago. That question, aimed at frequent...
  2. pattontank12

    Timeline Planning: World of futures past
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    So what is this?: Well like the title suggests this is initial planning faze for a timeline I've had in the back of my head for nearly a year now. What's it about?: The main theme is about alternate technological development and how the earlier development of certain technologies would effect...
  3. The various *-punk eras in the former East Bloc and the Soviet Union

    How do you think the various eras of aesthetics, technology and social mores, whose categorizations have been given the names of Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, Cassette Futurism, and Cyberpunk in modern Western pop culture and literature, can be applied to the 20th century Soviet Union and the...
  4. Kaiserreich: Dieselpunk submod?

    Just out of curiosity, but is their a sub mod for KR that places the setting in a dieselpunk type world? If not, what would it be like?
  5. Mr_ Bondoc

    The Outer Worlds: An ATL Video Game

    Believe it or not, the upcoming video game "The Outer Worlds" is an alternate timeline. According to its creators, "This is an alternate history,” says co-director Leonard Boyarsky. “There was a point where the timeline split off. It was at a certain point, around the time of Einstein. There was...
  6. AHC: More extreme industrialization

    Okay, so your challenge here is to make industrialization more extensive. Worldwide. Yes, you read that right. Make industrialization more extensive worldwide. Ideally (although this is very implausible), this results in pretty much every nation force-marching their industry forward...
  7. Petike

    Air Power : Battle in the Skies

    Anybody heard of this old 90s DOS flight sim from Rowan Software ? http://www.mobygames.com/game/air-power-battle-in-the-skies It's basically a hard fantasy version of Crimson Skies. With dieselpunkish monarchies and whatnot (kind of like some of the older projects Krall has made for his...