deng xiaoping

  1. Frank Hart

    DBWI: No Summary Execution of Red Guards

    OTL, it's pretty much an open secret that in 1978, Deng Xiaoping ordered the summary execution of all perpetrators of the Cultural Revolution, purging just about the entire Pro-Maoist faction of the Communist Party. During the purge, official sources dictate that over 600 thousand died, while...
  2. Omar04

    WI Deng Xiaoping's Reforms Never Happened?

    Xiaoping's reforms set China on it's current path. Small Businesses were privatized and Agriculture collectivized and a certain percentage of crops sold to the government. Also SEZs were opened to Foreign Investment. State control became more autonomous and lower level officials given more...
  3. Caucus-Ruso-Persian

    Fascist China?

    POD 1978ish Mao is gone, Xiaoping consolidates PRC power, most of his reforms carry out as per usual, however I predict there would be more state supervision of the private sector. Because of Mao's actions such as the cultural revolution, Xiaoping can over the course of a decade plant seeds for...
  4. Bomster

    What if China never went capitalist?

    It is said that Richard Nixon’s trip to China helped to open China up to economic reform, leading to the economical giant it is today. But what if this never happened? Say that Nixon loses the election, or he simply never goes to China. What are the consequences?
  5. Whiteshore

    WI: Hua Guofang instead of Deng Xiaoping

    While most people know that after Mao Zedong died in 1976, there was a brief power struggle which Deng Xiaoping won, few know that he was not Mao's immediate successor. Instead, one Hua Guofang was the immediate successor of Chairman Mao and was the one who brought down the Gang of Four before...
  6. The Lethargic Lett

    WI: Hua Guofeng retains power as Paramount Leader of PRC?

    Following the death of Mao Zedong, Hua Guofeng, a moderate in the Communist Party, became Paramount Leader. Guofeng quickly removed the radical "Gang of Four" from becoming a threat, but he was eventually outmaneuvered and removed from power by Deng Xiaoping and his reformer faction. So what if...