democracy triumphs

  1. Argentina avoided the Infamous Decade?

    Basically, former president Hipólito Yrigoyen realizes that he's just too old to return to the presidency in 1928 and doesn't run, ensuring that someone who's younger and more vigorous than him succeeds Alvear as president. This alternate president handles the Great Depression better (IOTL the...
  2. Mr A

    The Stars Fly High: An America That Stands By It Founding Ideals

    The Stars Fly High Time is never-ending, our universe is but one of many. Outside the restraints of our known Galaxy is multiple realities connected together in one great blanket of existence. Across this great blanket of reality lays infinite possibilities. Every question that could ever be...
  3. Nightingale

    Can the Cold War end with successful Eastern bloc economic reforms and Soviet unity?

    Can the Cold War end with the Eastern bloc reforming their economies and avoiding the "Era of Stagnation" and without the Soviet Union collapsing afterwards? How would the Soviet and Eastern European political parties fare after 1989 in this scenario? As far as I remember, South Korea became...