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  1. WI/AHC: A new DC Movie Universe, in 2009

    The POD is 2009, and it launches earlier than OTL, with the first movie due in August 2009, during the recession. Instead of being called the DC Extended Universe, it's known by the title DC Original Movies, renamed from 2011 to DC Multiverse Movies DC decide to compete with the then-new Marvel...
  2. Brky2020

    NCIS: Countdown to Looking Glass (the final version)
    Threadmarks: Part One: Chapter 1

    Countdown to Looking Glass: An NCIS story An alternate history fictional story set in a world combining the NCIS universe with aspects of the DC Comics multiverse To my parents, who always told me I could be anything I wanted to be The Cold War continues into the 21st century and is on...
  3. Crisis on Infinite Earths: Two Earths Alt Ending.

    Everyone who's into comics will be familiar with the Crisis on Infinite Earths event/storyline created by DC in the mid-80s that sought that bring an end to the muddled continuity of the then DC Multiverse by merging the 5 most popular Earths into one, big continuity. Those Earths were the then...