cultural revolution

  1. Whiteshore

    Project 571 executed: What happens next?

    Historically, Project 571 was a supposed coup attempt against Chairman Mao planned to name Lin Biao leader of the People's Republic of China, overthrowing Chairman Mao in the process, which was planned by Lin Liguo, the son of Lin Biao. However, the plot was revealed before it was to be...
  2. Frank Hart

    DBWI: No Summary Execution of Red Guards

    OTL, it's pretty much an open secret that in 1978, Deng Xiaoping ordered the summary execution of all perpetrators of the Cultural Revolution, purging just about the entire Pro-Maoist faction of the Communist Party. During the purge, official sources dictate that over 600 thousand died, while...
  3. Mao dying in the Yangtze in '66, what would happen in China?

    As the title says: if Mao would for whatever reason die the 16th of July 1966 while swimming on the Yangtze on Wuhan, what would have been the possible scenaries on China at the start of the Cultural Revolution?
  4. Frank Hart

    AHC have Deng Xiaoping killed during the Cultural Revolution, what would happen to China?

    So this idea has always been around my head, that Deng was ousted twice during the Cultural Revolution. So what if he didn't survive those ten years? Who would come to power? What would become of China?
  5. Lucrezia's Hope Chest: A Terrible Detective Novel

    The inspiration for this story came from: 1. A thread about a cultural revolution in 1960s Nazi Germany 2. "The Casket of Marie de Medici," a Soviet detective movie that I watched while hung over one night. It wasn't a good movie, but it had some interesting ideas. I later found out it was...
  6. Tripledot

    WI: Mao Dies in 1953?

    What happens if Mao Zedong dies in 1953? How will China evolve without the Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution (or, how does the Great Leap Forward differ, and does the Cultural Revolution still happen)? Further, how would Mao be viewed by the Chinese and by Westerners? Will his cult...
  7. Whiteshore

    Soviet or Nazi "Cultural Revolution"

    As we all know, the Cultural Revolution was carried out by Mao Zedong to "revitalize" the Communist regime in China (read: regain power) where he alleged that China was being infiltrated by bourgeoisie elements who wanted to restore capitalism and that in reaction, the "Four Olds" and the...