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  1. Roberto El Rey

    Al Grito de Guerra: the Second Mexican Revolution

    Special thanks to the inimitable @Allochronian for the cover art! Well, well, well. Would ya look who it is. Oh, God, not you again. I could say the same to you, Mister Started-a-timeline-and-then-ended-it-within-twenty-four-hours! What country are you the "Rey" of? Quittersland? Well, you...
  2. Roberto El Rey

    Al Grito de Guerra: The Second Mexican Revolution
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    July 2, 1988 Mexico City A great city is never silent. Of course, no city is ever silent in the literal sense. No matter the hour, engines groan in Xianjiang, dogs bark in Kananga and pistons pound in Magnitogorsk. But beneath the cursory activities of their inhabitants, those cities are...
  3. Birth and Rise of the New Republic: a Brazilian TL
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    So, after some time lurking and posting in chat, I finally decided to post a TL! Wish me luck! ----------------- Chapter 1: Decay and Fall Part 1: Rotten Apple When we think of the 1980s, we think of change and turmoil. Nothing was safe from it. Technology, culture, economics and politics...