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  1. AstroRangerBeans

    A Divided Shores - The Two Nations of North America
    Threadmarks: Opening Post and World Map as of 2023

    A Divided Shores Since the old thread is considered to be deprecated or no longer in use after four years that we're building on a worldbuilding project where we took over a year to build the world of where the Confederate States won the civil war/independence through joint Anglo-French peace...
  2. treefreak32

    This Guilty Land: A Post-Civil War Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue: How The South Was Won

    "I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood. I had, as I now think, vainly flattered myself that without very much bloodshed, it might be done." -John Brown, Abolitionist Prologue: How The South Was Won History diverges...
  3. The_Russian

    Capitals of the Union and Confederacy

    What would be the fate of the capital of the Confederate and Union capitols be if the Confederates won the Civil War? Would the Confederacy follow the Union's example of establishing a new capital that isn't in any state such as Washington D.C. was the case for the Union, would it stay in...
  4. Black State in Union Post CSA Victory

    After a confederate victory where the US grants freedom and citizenship to slaves that manage to escape to the north, would it be possible for a state to be carved from the Nebraska territory that encourages black immigration to ease racial tensions in the cities? If so, what would the state be...
  5. GameBawesome

    Would've CSA change their national flag to the Battle flag post-victory?

    (Disclaimer: I do not support racism in any form. This is merely a hypothetically question. Be respectful, and don't say any racial slurs or ideas.) A popular misconception in the modern day is that this flag was the national flag used by the Confederate States of America: This was not the...
  6. Mexican backed Black South

    Say that just after winning the civil war (only requirement on how being whatever was realistically possible), the CSA forgets that they just barely won and almost immediately invades Mexico. Despite a surprisingly successful initial blitzkrieg, emperor Maximilian is overthrown in a republican...
  7. GameBawesome

    Indian Territory Independence after CSA Victory

    (Based off an old thread I made years ago, and part of old Napoleonic Timeline I read long time ago) The Indian Territory (Or modern-day Oklahoma) during the Civil War was an interesting story. Most of the tribes in the Indian Territory sided with the Confederate Government, one famous person...
  8. GameBawesome

    CSA relations with Latin America

    With a POD, where the CSA won the war around 1862-1863, and gains independence from the USA, where does it go? The South IOTL had this idea, to conquer large swaths of Latin America, to create, the Golden Circle. But that could come later The question is, what would the Confederate States of...
  9. Champions of Dixie: The CSA Wins (Redux of The Sun Never Rises: If the Confederacy Won)

    So yeah, this is a redux of this: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/the-sun-never-rises-if-the-confederacy-won.479233/. I originally put it on hiatus after creating a timeline with a different but similar premise because I decided that this was too poorly written to continue. Then...
  10. GameBawesome

    Temperance Movement/Prohibition after CSA Victory?

    The Temperance Movement was a movement that seek to curb the consumption of alcohol. The first waves in USA around the 18th Century, but started picking up traction and in the 19th Century, major waves began to form, culminating in the 1920s Prohibition. So, in a world with the CSA victorious...
  11. GameBawesome

    Would the Gilded Age happened after a CSA Victory?

    When I read history, after the Reconstruction, an Era known as the Gilded Age happened after. It was a time of great industrialization and economic growth, corrupt politicians and powerful businessmen. But could such an Era still occurred if the Confederate States of America won the Civil War...
  12. Kentucky in a Confederate Victory Scenario

    A follow up to the thread about Missouri in a Confederate scenario. Sort of inspired by the Southern victory series where Missouri stays with the Union but Kentucky goes to the Confederacy. I, however, see them as more or less a pair that’s hard to separate. So here’s my take.
  13. GameBawesome

    What happens to Abraham Lincoln after a Victorious CSA?

    Assuming that the war ends around 1862 to 1863, and with the aid of Great Britain and France, the Confederate States of America. So what happens to Lincoln after this lost? Assuming that his assassination is defiantly butterflied away (unless he gets killed someone else then Booth), what...
  14. Everdarklegion

    The Trent Affair causes the British to mobilize

    In OTL the Union navy stopped, boarded and captured two Confederate ambassadors on the British vessel the Trent. Lincoln was able to successfully find a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but what if Great Britain was less receptive to diplomacy and war broke out between GB and the Union, thus...
  15. Would a victorious CSA be in the Entente or CP?

    1.) Which would they choose? Would they (and possibly America) even be in the war at all? 2.) What effect would this have in WW2 and the present day Personally I don't find Turtledove's take realistic hence I asked you guys.
  16. Everdarklegion

    Confederate victory at Sharpsburg, What happens next?

    Following the Confederate victory at Sharpsburg (September 17, 1862), General Robert E. Lee is left with a choice. Either continue northward toward Philadelphia, or attempt to capture Washington. Meeting with his Corps commanders, Lt. General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson and Lt. General James...
  17. St. Emmerich Kuon

    Post-war imdustry in a Southern victory TL

    So how would industry fair in a post-war North America had the South managed a victory? I can't imagine the Gilded Age is quite as gilded with two seperate, presumably capitalist (and presumably enemy) nations competing with each other. So I want to ask about a few industry in particular. 1.)...
  18. GameBawesome

    The CSA Millitary

    In a scenario where the CSA manage to out last the Civil War and win it's independence, gotten international recognition, and survives to WWII, how would there military history be like? Rules: 1.No talking about "How can the CSA win" or "The CSA couldn't survive" We're here to focus on the...
  19. mazzil68

    What if the Confederate States of America survived?

    How would this affect history? Would the CS make allies? Would the CS industralize? What would be the Union-Confederacy relationship? Would immigrates still come to the Union and Confederacy?