crisis of the third century

  1. Collondi

    The Two Eyes of the World: A bigger Sassanid Persia
    Threadmarks: the (re)birth of the Persian Empire (part 1)

    Hi, welcome to my first alt-history fic. This will be primarily focused on Persia, but for those of you Rome fans there will be plenty of focus on the Roman Empire too. This TL is partially inspired by this thread which I recommend you read. You may notice me in that thread, arguing that Rome...
  2. Nabataean Kingdom as a Vassal State to the Roman Empire

    When the last Nabataean king Rabbel II Soter died his kingdom was annexed. How and why the Nabataean kingdom was annexed is unclear, but there is evidence of minor military skirmishes. Aside from that there wasn't much resistance to the annexation. The Romans initially did not want to govern...
  3. Collondi

    WI: the goths settle in Thrace during the crisis of the third century

    In 251, after killing the Roman emperor in battle and winning a decisive victory at abritus, king Cniva teams up with Priscus to establish an independent state in Thrace, Dacia, and possibly Moesia, where goths, vandals, and other tribes across the Danube could settle. How would this new...
  4. Effect on other religions in a "Christian Sassanids conquer Levant in 3rd Century" Scenario

    Before I get into the details of the question, let me set out the scenario. At some point in the 3rd Century, Persia converts to Christianity in a "Light shines East" style scenario, where Christianity is largely merged with Zoroastrianism and Ahura Mazda is conflated with the Christian God. The...
  5. AHC Germanic unification in roman times

    challenge is to get germania unified by 200 AD from rhine to don rivers, from franks to goths edit : POD must be after Teutoburg forest but unification must be complete by 3ard century and it must coexist with Roman empire of atleast 395 borders
  6. WI/AHC: Opellian Dynasty of Rome

    Macrinus become Emperor in 217 and unfortunately had a very short reign. His goal seems to have been a return to Septimius Severus-era policies and he was left in a difficult situation due to Caracalla's reign. When one takes into account his humble origins, he comes across a compotent...
  7. Epsilon Tauri

    Filii Victoriae: A Roman TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Valerian

    By 1006 AUC, the Military Anarchy was in full swing. Trebonianus Gallus and his son Volusianus had been co-emperors for two years. Their reign had not been an easy one. Not only were Goths attacking along the Danube and Asia Minor, but the Persians had also invaded in the east, capturing Antioch...
  8. FLAYvian1310

    The Immortal Sol: A Roman TL
    Threadmarks: 00: Prologue

    A/N: Hello all! I am back with another new TL! This will be replacing Shadow of the Lost Son for the time being, as I currently do not have any interest to continue it. This will follow the story of Aurelian, as he continues to stabilise the empire after the Crisis of the Third Century. What...
  9. Reverse the fate of the Han dynasty and Rome in the third century

    a question that is some times asked is why the Han dynasty collapsed while the roman empire surived the third century crisis ( so since i could find any thing) i ask can we reverse it have the roman empire collapse or split in the third century ( or should i say mantain the split of the ot with...
  10. Question: Late Roman Prophet

    Could a roman prophet theoretically emerge in the late roman empire and unite one of the roman pagan cults or deities ? Maybe comparable to a Jesus figure or Mohammed but based in pagan roman believes/culture ? Or would that be ASB/impossible ?
  11. FLAYvian1310

    DBWI: What if Aurelian was assassinated early into his rule?

    As we all know, the greatest emperor Aurelian would reign for 20 glorious years, singlehandly ending all threats to Rome and bringing about a new golden age to The Roman Empire. But what if his reign was ended early? What if Aurelian was assassinated? Would Roman have been able to surpass the...
  12. WI: Rome fails to survive the Crisis of the Third Century?

    What if the Roman Empire had collapsed during the Crisis of the Third Century?
  13. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Known Unknown

    ---------------------- Part 1: Known Unknown One of the most frustrating but important battles to study by far is the Battle of Resaena, which took place in what was then Roman Syria in 243. Other than the fact that Roman and Persian arms clashed with great ferocity when the event took place...
  14. WI: Claudius Gothicus survives

    Aurelian and what he might have accomplished had he lived longer is a frequent topic among counterfactual historians, but I believe his predecessor is also worthy of attention. Claudius Gothicus, despite reigning for less than two years, proved an able military commander, crushing a Gothic...
  15. WI: Tetricus wins the Battle of Châlons

    What if Tetricus had managed to win the Battle of Châlons? Could it have saved the Gallic Empire?
  16. WI: No Crisis of the Third Century

    What if the Crisis of the Third Century hadn't happened? How might things be altered?
  17. WI: Aurelian dies before becoming emperor

    What if Aurelian had died before he could become emperor? What impact would it have had on the Crisis of the Third Century? Could it result in the end of the Roman Empire?
  18. If you were Diocletian what would you do (and not do) to reform the Principate?

    Which of Diocletian's reforms were good or necessary or beneficial? Which were harmful? What additional stuff would you change or not change were you emperor around this period, trying to rectify the problems of the Principate that led to the 3rd century crisis?
  19. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Restoration of the Roman Republic during the Third Century Crisis?

    So, assume that the Roman "barracks emperors" are even less competent at defending the empire from the Germanics, Persians, and other usurpers, and the whole thing collapses into multiple squabbling states sometime around the 270's AD. One of the Germanic tribes, led by their king, estabilishes...
  20. Avrorrange

    WI/PC:The Sassanids conquer the Roman East during the Crisis of the Third Century?

    Was it possible that the Sassanids could have conquered the Roman East the same way they did (temporarily) in the 7th century by exploiting the civil war?They were able to wipe out Valerian’s army,but were ultimately defeated by Odenathus,but could they have gone further?