crisis of the third century

  1. Question: Late Roman Prophet

    Could a roman prophet theoretically emerge in the late roman empire and unite one of the roman pagan cults or deities ? Maybe comparable to a Jesus figure or Mohammed but based in pagan roman believes/culture ? Or would that be ASB/impossible ?
  2. DBWI: What if Aurelian was assassinated early into his rule?

    As we all know, the greatest emperor Aurelian would reign for 20 glorious years, singlehandly ending all threats to Rome and bringing about a new golden age to The Roman Empire. But what if his reign was ended early? What if Aurelian was assassinated? Would Roman have been able to surpass the...
  3. WI: Rome fails to survive the Crisis of the Third Century?

    What if the Roman Empire had collapsed during the Crisis of the Third Century?
  4. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Known Unknown

    ---------------------- Part 1: Known Unknown One of the most frustrating but important battles to study by far is the Battle of Resaena, which took place in what was then Roman Syria in 243. Other than the fact that Roman and Persian arms clashed with great ferocity when the event took place...
  5. WI: Claudius Gothicus survives

    Aurelian and what he might have accomplished had he lived longer is a frequent topic among counterfactual historians, but I believe his predecessor is also worthy of attention. Claudius Gothicus, despite reigning for less than two years, proved an able military commander, crushing a Gothic...
  6. WI: Tetricus wins the Battle of Châlons

    What if Tetricus had managed to win the Battle of Châlons? Could it have saved the Gallic Empire?
  7. WI: No Crisis of the Third Century

    What if the Crisis of the Third Century hadn't happened? How might things be altered?
  8. WI: Aurelian dies before becoming emperor

    What if Aurelian had died before he could become emperor? What impact would it have had on the Crisis of the Third Century? Could it result in the end of the Roman Empire?
  9. If you were Diocletian what would you do (and not do) to reform the Principate?

    Which of Diocletian's reforms were good or necessary or beneficial? Which were harmful? What additional stuff would you change or not change were you emperor around this period, trying to rectify the problems of the Principate that led to the 3rd century crisis?
  10. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Restoration of the Roman Republic during the Third Century Crisis?

    So, assume that the Roman "barracks emperors" are even less competent at defending the empire from the Germanics, Persians, and other usurpers, and the whole thing collapses into multiple squabbling states sometime around the 270's AD. One of the Germanic tribes, led by their king, estabilishes...
  11. WI/PC:The Sassanids conquer the Roman East during the Crisis of the Third Century?

    Was it possible that the Sassanids could have conquered the Roman East the same way they did (temporarily) in the 7th century by exploiting the civil war?They were able to wipe out Valerian’s army,but were ultimately defeated by Odenathus,but could they have gone further?
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: Diocletian divides the empire in two, not four

    What if, say, emperor Diocletian had less sons or even just one, affecting his tetrarchy plan and diminishing the ammount of portions within the empire, specifically two? How much of a difference would it make? IMO, because the empire was divided in four, it ended up in chaos until it could be...
  13. GauchoBadger

    WI: Emperor Carus lives a bit longer

    The roman emperor Carus (born 222 AD, died 283 AD) was mostly known for a handful of achievements, such as subjugating the sarmatians coming across the Danube and founding a short-lived dynasty that was eventually overthrown by the famous Diocletian. On the time of his death at age 61, Carus was...
  14. volantredx

    WI Rome falls in the 3rd century

    So the years of 235 to 284 were really not kind to the Roman Empire. Nearly bankrupt, facing internal strife, external invasion, plague, and near total collapse of the bureaucracy Rome honestly shouldn't have recovered. At one point it was even split into three different empires, the Gallic...
  15. What if Numerian Lives?

    While reading about the crisis of the third century, among a long list of usurpers, warlods and short-lived rulers of the Roman Empire, I came across emperor Numerian. As far as I understood from Goldsworthy's The Fall of the West and various other sources, Numerian was rather talented and...
  16. Tom Colton

    Delenda est Roma: WI Rome (or part thereof) conquered by Sassanid Persia?

    The period would be the Military Anarchy; perhaps Shapur decisively defeats the Romans at Anatolia in 260 instead of the other way around, and besieges (EDIT: Byzantium/Augusta Antonina/the Bosporus, brainfart) whilst also breaking into Syria and endnagering the grain supply, forcing Rome to...
  17. If the Palmyrene Empire was successful, who would succeed Aurelian?

    If Zabda and Zenobia defeated Aurelian in 271 or 272, capturing or killing that Emperor, who would the Roman Senate have chosen as the next emperor? Tacitus?