1. The Dukes of Fernau, for now.
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    THE DUKES OF FERNAU, FOR NOW A timeline of colonial Courland and Semigallia Point of Departure: Key Questions: Prologue: Once the Hanseatic League Brought trade and grew the town of Riga God was brought there by crusade And Courland lived in Riga’s shade The Poles and Lithuania In...
  2. GameBawesome

    WI: Courland's colonies survive for a little while...till 1795

    An interesting point in history, is that our Courland's colonization efforts. The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (Modern-Day Latvia), which was a vassal to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, under Duke Jacob Kettler, made attempts in colonization in the Caribbean and Africa. The Duchy of...
  3. kasumigenx

    WI: Texas colonized by Courland?

    Is this even possible?
  4. Independent Lithuania (Samogitia) with Courland after Partitions of Poland

    IOTL, in 1440 there was a Dowmont rebellion in Samogitia (central part of Baltic Lithuania) against Casimir IV Jagiellon, the new Grand Prince of Lithuania. Dowmont, a Lithuanian nobleman, wanted Michael Kęstutis (Kiejstusiewicz) on the throne...
  5. Dumb Question: Could a son of Queen Ulrike Eleonora and Her Hessian Husband Claim Courland?

    Sorry for my second dumb question post, but this is a thought bunny that popped into my head. It's probably a long shot if anything. Ulrike Eleonora had two pregnancies that both ended in miscarriages, say one of them was a boy and said boy has his grandfather (Carl XI)'s brains for...
  6. Tethys00

    What would a Courish Gambia be like?

    If the Courish colonies in the Gambia never fell to the British, what would the Gambia be like? (Please tell me if this is to ASB).
  7. Could Courland hold on its colonies?

    In our timeline the little baltic german duchy of Courland lost its colony of Tobago in the carribean and what is today called Kunta Kinteh Island in Gambia in the late 17th century. As I thought about this in the past days I developed a little scenario but I don't know if it is realistic at...
  8. WI: Peace on the Eastern Front in December 1917

    In december 1917, an armistice was concluded between the Central Powers and the Bolsheviks. The TL;DR version of this is that the CPs initially only demanded for Poland, Lithuania and Courland which roughly corresponded to the frontline. The Bolshevik negotiations stuck with their policy of "no...
  9. WI Couronian Settler Colony

    OTL Courland(part of present day Latvia) colonised part of the Carribean. Among the parts of the Carribean colonised by Courland is. - Trinidad - Tobago What if Courland managed to colonise Trinidad and Tobago as settler colonies, not plantation colonies? How would a carribean settler colonies...